A hidden treasure of the Garhwal Himalaya




The Himalaya, nature’s most beautiful creation and also a place of hidden treasures of various types. From medicinal plants to beautiful valleys, from security to protection and many more essentials it caters to us. We are grateful to mother earth for blessing us with the Himalaya. 


Tourists and travelers are exploring different places in Himalayan range from ancient times. Many places are well known, many are still unfolded. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh are the states where trekkers love to visit and enjoy the beauty of grassland as well as dense forest. The high altitude trek gives a different experience as there is a minimum time limit for acclimatization with the height. Some places have uphills and some are valley-like. For trekking most of the people generally find the tough places to judge their capabilities. Some people find the places where nature showered a beautiful valley surrounded by the snow covered peaks. They want to enjoy their holidays in some dreamland-like place. In the movies we can see such types of places. In reality these places are here near us. We just have to take a break from long working hours, gather some courage and go out for 5-6 days to explore a new place.


SO, if you are ready for a joyful, memorable, photogenic trek, let’s explore a new place in Uttarkashi district in Uttarakhand named Dayara Bugyal trek.The word “Bugyal” means “nature’s own nursery”. According to the meaning the place also belongs with pasture grounds at 11,181 ft. higher rise range. It is a very good trekking place for beginners. The best part of the place is that tourists can enjoy trekking here in summer, winter and spring. 


In summer a beautiful grassland which stays neat and clean naturally is to be noticed. It seems like the melting ice cleaned the land to welcome the tourists and watch the glory of the place. A thick forest is also in the way where maple and oak trees can be found. If you have photophobia then this is the place to make your heart happy. The Gangotri peak, Bandarpoonch, Rudregaira,Janoli, Black peak, Draupadi ka danda and many other unnamed peaks are visible during the trek. The sunrise and sunset is another breathtaking view from this place. On the way the unknown historic villages will welcome you with their local aroma. 


During winters the ski lovers can visit for a trek. The white sheet of snow over the grassland will welcome you to enjoy its winter view at the temperature of -4. Proper fitness and temperature friendly visitors can visit only during winter. It is recommended for winter trekkers to have heavy woolen clothes with them to stay warm in the freezing cold.

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Monsoon time is very risky for any trekking destination. Landslides and other natural calamities can harm and ponder the tour. It is best to avoid monsoon time. Still some trekkers love to make some adventures and thrills. So, they come with extra precautions and courage during monsoon to notice the green lush under black clouds with drops of rain.

The peaks are visible some time during this season. It is a matter of luck.


The trekking starts from Barsu or Raithal village and ends at Dayara Bugyal. In the last phase of the trek a thick forest mix of local deciduous variety, oak and rhododendron create a colorful walkway for the trekkers.  It is 24 Kms. walking with moderate uphill. Rest can be covered by car. 


The main festivals of this place are the “Butter Festival” and “Holi”. Butter festival is celebrated in the center of Dayara Bugyal.


Nowadays our lifestyle has become too much technology dependent. In the morning our eyes open with the mobile and close with the mobile. We are more attached to our phones than our near and dear ones. For your information to get rid of this habit for a few days this trek will help you out. During this total trek period no network is available. In the base camp some networks are available like BSNL, Airtel, Idea but chances are less. 


It is very hard to conclude the beauty of nature. If you are a nature lover and want to explore new places, Dayara Bugyal is the right place to visit. Sometimes it is wise to stay away from crowded places for better enjoyment. Till date lesser tourists are well versed with this Garwal Place. Wear your trekking shoes and start walking to rejuvenate your body and mind. 

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