6 Of The Most Popular Places to go in Dubai at Night

The hotspot for tourist destinations, Dubai is one of the most exciting places anyone can visit. The place comprises the world’s tallest building, hotel, and residential. Also known as the largest hub for shopping malls and the second-largest destination for man-made marinas. For traveling, you won’t get a Dubai visa on arrival, so prepare all your documents before transferring to the destination. Apply for Dubai Visa online and plan your stay accordingly.
With many things that can be done in Dubai at night, you will know that you can also enjoy a vibrant time after dusk. You can even discover the technological advancement within this urban city by exploring the numerous undertakings amid the nightlife of this beautiful destination. As the sun goes down, the place fumes with the people who are seeking some fun before the night ends.
Among various activities in Dubai to do at night, each thing varies from person to person, catering to their various adventure needs. This make includes thrill seekers, individuals who adore world cuisine, and shoppers.
Here is a list of places to go in Dubai at night that you must add to your list while exploring the place’s scenic beauty.

1. Dubai Fountain Show

Indicated as the world’s tallest performing fountain, this place spans around 275 meters long and spreads to 30 acres on Burj lake. This place is one of the most entertaining destinations to visit in Dubai. The fountain showcases an amusing selection of songs, including classical, contemporary, and Arabic music.
Do you know the gallons of water the fountain spurts out? The fountain spurts around 22,000 gallons of water from its brilliant nozzles to the height of a 50-story building. The colorful lights and projectors also have powerful visuals that will please your eyes for thirty minutes.

dubai fountain show

2. Dubai’s Skyline

The problem is still the same, “where place to visit in Dubai at night?” The most iconic place to visit in Dubai, the Burj Khalifa unlatches the window of astonishing sight of the Dubai skyline.
The world’s tallest building basically holds the heart and epitome of Dubai. Give a treat to your eyes with the delightful landscape with a patchwork of buildings and skyscrapers from the world’s highest observation deck.

3. Desert Safari

We all might have gone on a desert safari during the day during our trip to Dubai, but have you ever tried an overnight desert safari? Desert Safari at night is one of the most exciting activities to do in Dubai! The Arabian Desert safaris hold some marvelous experiences; however, they do not stand a chance compared to the magnificent night safari.
Traveling through the gigantic and endless desert along with engulfing the darkness and the ceiling full of stars. Amazing!

With this, you can indulge in quad-biking, sandboarding, and other activities before returning to your tent. Do not forget to experience the desert skies of Dubai. You can break the tiring hustle of the city and spend your night in the middle of this wilderness.

4. Dubai Global Village

When you are traveling during the month of October to April, then Dubai Global Village is something you must visit during the night. At this one location, you can witness exhibitions from different nations. The village comprises a very energetic aura along with its scenic backdrops that brighten the night view as well as your photo collection.
This magical land comprises monumental structures such as the Leaning tower of Pisa, the Taj Mahal, and Big Ben. You can even shop for handcrafted items and clothing from different regions or even eat different cuisines.

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5. Horseback Riding

Enjoy thrilling horseback riding at Mushrif Equestrian Center, one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai. Travel the vibrant landscape of Dubai under the beaming moonlight. Whimsical, right?
Explore the sandy carpet by racing through the city lights. This adventure is about 90 minutes long, enough to surf through the corners of the park. If you are a thrill lover, then this activity is perfect for you!

Horseback Riding

6. The Dubai Opera

The Dubai Opera, the city’s first dedicated performing arts theater, is a great choice for an evening out in Dubai. The place is used as a theater, a concert hall, or a banquet hall, thanks to its ability to switch between these three configurations.
Gala dinners, weddings, fashion shows, exhibits, product launches, and more can all accommodate up to a thousand guests. The Dubai Opera is the city’s cultural hub, presenting and producing some of the world’s most stunning and authentic performances.


This is not the end! The list goes on; you will never get short of things to do in Dubai. The city is wide awake with its wilderness of adventure seekers, late-night food, shopping destinations, and nightclubs. You will never find a reason to keep yourself away from the nightlife of Dubai.
This was just a gist; to know more, you must explore the place with your own eyes. So get your bags ready to explore Dubai’s luxurious and beautiful nightlife. Get your Dubai visa ready and book tickets to heaven of fun. Just remember, after you apply for a Dubai visa online, it will take up to a couple of days to get them, so book your tickets accordingly. What are you waiting for? Get ready to hit the road!

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