Custom Blunt Boxes: Stairway to Your Cannabis Brand’s Success


In today’s world, building up a business has become very challenging. There are plenty of brands offering quality cannabis blunts. That’s why surpassing veteran brands and getting the lead in the market seems impossible for newbies. Packaging can play a key role in making your indistinguishable brand a hit. So, what are you waiting for? Make a firm decision to use custom blunt boxes for secure, endurable blunt packaging. Moreover, the blunt box printed with the logo design is the best and cheapest for your brand’s advertisement. Shake your leg and get ready to see your brand fly high soon.

Impactful Strategies to Create an Exclusively Designed Blunt Box

Are you a newcomer in the cannabis business and looking for innovative ways to create an exceptional box for blunt packaging? You don’t need to go anywhere. Hold on for a minute and continue reading. This blog post will give ideas about creating a classy and flawless box.

Choose An Exceptional box Design to Outstand the Brand’s Products.

The only thing that compels customers to take notice of a brand’s products is the outer appearance of the products. How does a brand present product before the audience? Nowadays, the presentation of the products counts more than the product itself.  Plenty of box designs exist, but you must consider the most exact and functional style. A product’s packaging in an inapposite style box can destroy the overall worth of the product. Cigarette box has been the most typical style. The most popular box design for cannabis blunt box packaging includes:

  1. Tray and sleeve packaging
  2. Blunt box with die-cuts
  3. Counter display box

A tray and sleeve are the preferable box design due to their easy openings and closing. It unveils the items without any hassle. Furthermore, the counter-display box will be suitable if you place it on store shelves. The customers will be able to take a view while entering the store.

Add Appeal to Cannabis Blunts with Die-Cut Windows

A blunt box with a die-cut window enhances the worth of the inside-packed items. With the help of see-through windows, customers can sneak into the box and sniff the flavor of blunts. They don’t have to face the trouble of unboxing, which can positively impact the viewers regarding your brand.  Moreover, the lamination of the window with PVC sheet is a barrier against exterior harm and keeps blunts uncontaminated. The thickness of the sheet is decided according to the product’s needs.

Selection of Quality Material for Long-Lasting Blunt Box

Material selection has a pivotal part in accomplishing blunt box packaging. A custom-made box will be useless if it is constructed with poor-quality material. Blunt wraps are manufactured with processed and flavored tobacco. That’s why they are more likely to lose their natural aroma due to moisture and humidity. That’s why kraft and cardboard must be your first choice. Cardboard paper is tear, heat, and scratch resistant. The durable nature of cardboard paper enhances the shelf life of the products and preserves their real taste. On the other hand, there is kraft. Like cardboard, kraft paper is also sturdy and 100% biodegradable.  You can recycle and reuse the packaging.

Printing of Blunt Box with Top-Notch Printing Methods

Can you imagine the customer’s tendency towards a plain box? Obviously, no! cannabis seed boxes with alluring illustrations and vibrant color artworks always mesmerize the onlookers from a distance. There are modern and top-quality printing techniques that result in reliable results instantly.  You can pick out between offset and digital methods.  Two of these printing procedures are trustable and have incredible outcomes. Offset is an economical printing option if you have large quantity prints.

Give a Furnishing Look to Blunt Box Packaging with Add-Ons

Finally, you can conclude blunt box packaging wholesale with coatings, enhancements, finishings, etc.  Their application strengthens the box’s packaging and intensifies the printed colors, giving a classy and sophisticated look.  The detail of add-ons is given below:

Coatings Embellishments Add-Ons
Gloss lamination Embossing Die-cuts
Matt lamination Debossing PVC sheet
Aqueous coating Foil stamping Inserts
Spot UV    

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