Why is SAP Software Price Considered Expensive?

SAP software price

SAP software price

SAP ERP is one of the most well-liked software systems all over the world. It is a multi-language as well as multi-currency system. SAP is suitable for businesses globally searching for a comprehensive software for business process management. SAP provides updates on a regular basis that is available to businesses processes selectively. There are several factors determining the SAP software price. These factors include the number of users, as well as number of locations for it to be implemented, and also the data quality and quantity, customization that is necessary, and integration levels, the training cost if it is required. There is an opinion that SAP software price is very high due to a number of reasons. We will explore them in detail.

Let us first see some of the key factors affecting SAP software price:

  • The SAP software price will be determined by any customisation or development required. 
  • The number of people using the software.
  • The SAP Business One implementation is going to take place in one or more branches. Also, if there is a requirement for interbranch data consolidation.
  • If the validation and extraction of the data sets will be done internally or assistance of any external consultant will be needed in the process.
  • The SAP Business One implementation covers multiple cities or countries. The SAP software price will change as there might be differences in requirements for the set-up as well as configuration according to the countries.
  • If people have to be trained in SAP Business One and training will be on-site or off-site will also be a factor.
  • The number of and how complex the reports to be written according to the particular requirements of the company will also influence the SAP software price.

Why do many businesses feel SAP software price is expensive?

There is a popular opinion that SAP software price is very expensive and businesses cannot afford it. Let us look at some of the reasons for this opinion:

  • SAP software implementation procedure can be very complex. It will be according to any specific business needs that can make the SAP software price quite expensive.  If any issues or adjustments are needed, it may become tough and expensive to change the features. Personalising the software can also be expensive.
  • SAP software price is determined according to the company requirements and the demands of customers which may make it expensive. 
  • If the existing devices in the organisation are compatible with the SAP program application. If not, the SAP software price will be more. 
  • The expenses incurred to use the SAP application can be very expensive and that will affect the SAP software price.

SAP Service Marketplace

The SAP Service Marketplace gives its partners very easy access to a convenient online store which they can use for promoting their products and services to an audience all over the world. With the help of the cloud-based SAP Marketplace, searching as well as buying new and used SAP software became very simple. Millions of users from all over the world are using the marketplace. 

To log in to the SAP Service Marketplace, users will need an S User ID. This ID is provided only to the SAP customers as well as partners. An S User ID can also be used for logging in to the other SAP pages, like SCN as well. People can register with SAP Service Marketplace as a new consumer.


There are a number of companies all around the world using SAP Business One. There is an opinion that the SAP software price is expensive. We have seen some of the reasons for this opinion. However, the software continues to be used in spite of the debate over its price.

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