Best PG (Paying Guest) in Bangalore for Boys and Girls

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Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and is known to be one of the IT hubs of India. Every year, it attracts many students and working professionals. Paying Guest or PG ends up being the go-to option for students and working professionals who move to a new place either for their higher education or their career.

But when looking for PGs in a metro city like Bangalore, it is important to know what living in a PG truly entails and what benefits would motivate you to live in a PG in the first place.

What is life in PGs like?

The kind of PG you move into can greatly impact how you live there. PGs are housing accommodations where you pay to live in someone else’s property or house and pay the appropriate rent for the facilities and accommodation available such as housekeeping, water, electricity, and food. It is common for PGs to provide food.

But PGs also come with various rules you must abide by. These rules are in place to provide security for the tenants, and the rules generally consist of an entry restriction at night after a certain time, no alcohol, sometimes no smoking, etc.

Benefits of Living in PG

    • Security

One of the benefits of living in a PG in Bangalore is the security they provide. For this security, many rules are in place to ensure that the tenants are not disturbed in any way, especially single people and females. As a result, security systems such as safety alarms, CCTV, wardens, etc., are in place.

    • Three meals a day

One of the biggest advantages of living in a PG in Bangalore is that you are generally provided three meals daily. It is perfectly suitable for working professionals and students who do not have the time to make their meals. When you are working in an office and could be in a morning rush and too tired in the evenings to cook for yourself, you get home-cooked meals that you don’t have to prepare.

    • Inexpensive

PGs in Bangalore are known for being more affordable than flats or apartments. Moreover, when you rent accommodation at a PG in Bangalore, your utilities, such as electricity and water, are already included in the rent. Whereas, with a flat, you would be liable to pay them separately.

Best PGs in Bangalore for Boys and Girls

    • Zolo Mitra, Koramangalla

One of the best PGs in Bangalore, Zolo Mitra, provides you with three options: a private room, double-sharing, or triple-sharing rooms. The pricing differs depending on the kind of room that you avail. Moreover, these PGs provide attractive deals that drastically reduce your room price range.

This PG in Bangalore has many amenities such as parking, refrigerator, TV, wifi, CCTV, drinking water, housekeeping, individual wardrobe, etc. Your rent would also include a food subscription which includes breakfast and dinner during weekdays and three meals during weekends which are available in both South and North Indian cuisines.

    • Flying Bird Ladies Luxury PG, Munnekollal

Especially for women, this PG in Bangalore is one of the most affordable in the city, with four different types of occupancies: four-sharing, triple-sharing, double-sharing, and a single room. The PG rent includes food and amenities such as power backup, room cleaning service, lift, wifi, laundry, gym, fridge, etc.

The rules and regulations of this PG offer maximum benefits to students, such as only one month of notice, with no gate closing time, allowance of drinking, visitor entry, non-veg food, loud music, and partying. In a room, you are provided with your cot, mattress, cupboard, etc., to ensure a comfortable stay.

    • Denver House, Bannerghatta Road

Only for men, this PG is one of the most well-known PGs in Bangalore due to being located near Christ University. With only double-sharing occupancy, the PG provides amenities such as an attached washroom, cupboard, air conditioning, meals, workout zone, refrigerator, wifi, etc.

It is one of the premium PGs of Stanza Living which aims to be a second home to you and provide you with one of the best living conditions in the city. Unlike many PGs, Denver House focuses a lot on their meals to ensure that you do not miss home-cooked food even after being away from home.

    • Paradise Studio Rooms PG, Bellandur

Being a girls’ PG, one of the main priorities of this PG is making its tenants feel secure. It has three occupancy options: triple-sharing, double-sharing, and a single room, with food included in its rent. Some of the common amenities of this place include power backup, wifi, TV, lift, fridge, etc. Like other PGs, Paradise Studio Rooms follow certain regulations, including a gate closing time of 11:00 pm and no alcohol consumption allowed. Except for these two, there are no other rules.

    • Sunrise PG, Brooke Field

This PG for men comes with the common occupancy types while providing a cupboard, cot, mattress, side table, air cooler, and attached bathroom. The PG in Bangalore has no rules and has a minimum deposit amount, making it affordable.

The rent includes the three meals in both veg and non-veg varieties. It is one of the latest PGs in the city and is close to some educational hubs. Irrespective of your chosen occupancy type, you get the same benefits.

    • Zolo Maple, Tavarakere

A standard PG in Bangalore, Zolo Maple, comes in double-sharing or a single room with basic amenities such as power backup, wifi, refrigerator, drinking water, security, bed sheet, almirah, etc. The deposit for the type of accommodation that you choose at Zolo Maple is equivalent to its monthly rent. And at this PG, you are provided with two weekdays and all three meals on the weekends.

At Zolo Maple, not every room has the same size or an equal number of amenities. Some come in larger sizes and have some extra amenities. Also, the electricity charges are not included in the rent and are deducted depending on the electricity consumed. It is close to landmarks such as Accenture, Christ College, Forum Mall, Oracle, etc.

    • Zolo Renaissance

Situated near Electronic City, Zolo Renaissance has two types of rooms: two-sharing and a private room. One of the most sought-after PGs in Bangalore, the appeal of the accommodation increases due to its close landmarks being Tech Mahindra, Tata Consultancy Services, IFIM Business School, NV Health Care Clinic and Lab, etc.

This PG is open to both males and females and offers two meals, the cost of which is included in the monthly rent. However, the electricity charge is excluded along with extra charges for the bed in twin-sharing or single-sharing.

    • Medan House, Whitefield

This PG in Bangalore allows both men and women and has three occupancy types: single, double, and triple. Every room has amenities like an attached washroom, cupboard, and window. Other services include hot meals, wifi, housekeeping, refrigerator, hot water supply, washing machine, biometric entry, television, and water purifier.

On the weekdays, you are provided with two means: a combination of North and South Indian cuisines. And on the weekends, you get three meals.

    • Sri Sai Ganesh Ladies and Gents PG, Electronic City Phase 2

This unisex PG comes with a combination of ac and non-ac rooms with four occupancy types: four-sharing, triple-sharing, double-sharing, and single-room. These rooms have different amenities, such as an attached washroom, cot, cupboard, side table, mattress, and ac.

The other common amenities of the PG in Bangalore include power backup, unlimited wifi, room cleaning service, TV, gym, fridge, lift, laundry, warden, parking, microwave, etc. There is veg and non-veg food available for all three meals, and the rent includes the food charges. Only three rules exist: the gate closing time being 11:00 pm, a month’s notice period, and no opposite gender allowed.

    • MGM Co-living PG, Electronics City Phase 1

This newly opened PG in Bangalore has two occupancy types double sharing and single-sharing rooms. The unisex PG has the minimum deposit amount with both veg and non-veg food included in the rent amount. The amenities of this PG are like any other, providing wifi, a lift, a water cooler, a warden, parking, etc.

There is a minimum deposit amount, and the unique feature is its notice period of 15 days. Generally, the notice period of a PG is a month, but sometimes it can either be more than that or less. It has no other rules and is close to major commercial and educational hubs, making it a desirable accommodation.

How to move household items to Bangalore?

When you move to Bangalore, either for a job or for higher education, be it a PG or an apartment, you would need to move some of your belongings. A PG would have fewer belongings, so you’ll have to carry most of it yourself.

As a result, once you have decided to relocate, you would need to find professional movers and packers to pack all your books, laptop, clothes, and other belongings. Agarwal Packers and Movers can transport your belongings with the highest safety at affordable shipping charges. Along with this, it also provides additional benefits such as:

    • Pre-move survey free of charge
    • Secured transportation
    • Consignment tracking
    • Double home carrier
    • Saving cost with wooden crates


Once you are certain of moving to Bangalore, you will find many PGs according to the occupancy type you would want. There are PGs that are more affordable than the others, but the latter offers limited amenities. Whether you choose a PG or an apartment, you could hire Agarwal Packers and Movers when moving or sending over your belongings. They are one of the best in the industry and have consignment tracking to ascertain the safety of your goods.

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