Types of Illustration Styles That Everyone Should Know

types of illustration styles

The art of presenting complex ideas with the help of examples or describing essential information in a visual manner is a thing that has been in practice for ages. In the past, people used beautiful drawings, paintings, photographs, or graphs in order to let them learn new things in an easy.

As time passed, more and more software and digital solutions have been developed to complete the task easily. And today, illustration has become a must-have in many fields and industries and is benefitting businesses and brands in an effective manner.

Nowadays, people are using various illustration styles according to their needs. And many illustration design services agencies are also helping them to make things work more effectively to them. But what are the important types of illustrations, and why is it essential to use them? We’re going to answer this in this article.

This article will discuss the essential types of illustration that everyone should know. But before we dive into the illustration styles, let’s learn what exactly illustrations are!

What Is Illustration?

Illustrations are simply paintings, drawings, or amazing artwork that reflects any idea creatively. It is utilized in order to describe, clarify, visually represent something, or decorate a complex thing simply.

Illustration designers use illustrations to delight, surprise, explain, and tell business actions such as sales and leads. So, if you’re struggling to explain things, reach out to an illustration design services company and explain your aims with creative illustrations.

Top Illustration Styles

Here are the top illustration styles that you can use for effective engagement. Have a look.

Freehand Digital Illustrations

Freehand digital illustration is created in the same way illustrators make use of pen and ink in order to make a traditional illustration. The key difference lies in its process of it being digital in nature and usually done with the help of a pen tool. The main power includes access to a number of various color brush presets and tools that are used to enhance the process productively.

Illustrator designers create this digital art using a tablet pen or a trackpad to give their interest to the designing of a solid shape. The best part is you can make changes easily and also can edit the existing art.

Blending or shading is much easier in digital illustration, and various effects can be reached. Illustrations are commonly used for recreational art, storyboarding, book illustration, etc.,

Comic Book

We are sure that at some point in your life, you have been a big fan of comic books! And when it comes to illustrations, the first thing that comes to our minds are comic books.

Traditional comic books have given a career path for contemporary illustrators. In the initial days, comics were displayed in hardcopies, which were mostly centered around either superhero or comical stories. Today, illustrators are working to build characters, styles, and stories in order to create new-version of comics. They define various stories, which include short romance stories with creative illustrations. For comic artists, it’s important to blend both storytelling and illustration skills in the best possible way. This is why it is quite essential for an illustrator to think creatively and build or design a comic that catches the attention of the audience.

Concept Art

Concept art is described as creative illustrations that picture a particular figure, idea, or environment at the widest level without the need for finalized and committed details.

Illustration designers who create video game surroundings or environments may need a quick proof of concept to display the look and feel of certain video game levels. They will convey the perspective, lighting, and textural qualities of a space before they start to flesh it out.

Moreover, a number of industrial designers, like car manufacturers, fashion designers, and even theme park designers, call upon a professional concept artist to create illustrations of commercial products or physical environments before the industry owners start digging into the detail.

Fantasy Illustrations

Fantasy illustration is a perfect mix-up of mythology and science fiction. It is one of the moody art forms that bring enchantment to life with legends and fables depicted. This digital illustration style gets its inspiration from different stories and fairy tales.

The primary focus of fantasy illustration is on supernatural elements. This art form needs an in-detailed hand in order to use imaginative powers and to focus on every minor detail.

But where can you use the fantasy illustration? Well, it lets you practice meeting various needs in industries. The skill of Fantasy illustration comes in handy to create gaming characters, animations for film industries, and to create pictures for children’s books.


We hope that with this article, now you have a bit understanding of the top types of illustration designs that you can use for various needs. It is one of the finest digital solutions that is earning huge respect in the design industry because of the benefits and creativity it offers.

Therefore, now it’s time for you to create highly-engaging illustrations from an aesthetic illustration design agency. Be sure to use fine colors and graphics that grab the attention of the audience.

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