Top 5 BTL Marketing Strategies for Elevating Your Brand

BTL Marketing

All businesses, including B2B businesses, expect to elevate their brand to generate high-quality leads that convert. As a result, these businesses resort to digital marketing strategies to generate leads and improve conversions. The challenge with this digital marketing is that it casts a wide net, even to audiences that seldom relate to the industry. 

Therefore, B2B marketers must double down on their below-the-line marketing strategies to grow their brands. BTL marketing is a more targeted marketing approach with better opportunities to attract new prospects. Conversely, businesses must have the right strategies to ensure their BTL marketing efforts bear fruits. Here are the top five below-the-line marketing strategies businesses should implement to grow their brand.

What is BTL Marketing?

Below-the-line (BTL) marketing is a marketing strategy for advertising products on alternative media besides mainstream media. Instead of using television, radio, print and billboards, a BTL marketing agency uses targeted and personalised channels to reach specific prospects. Despite being less flashy than above-the-line marketing, it benefits most businesses.

5 BTL Marketing Strategies to Elevate a Brand

Before implementing BTL advertising strategies, it is crucial to identify buyer personas, brand objectives, and budget for selecting the appropriate channels. Here are the top five strategies for BTL marketing that will grow a brand.

  1. Direct Mail

Direct mail is a popular BTL marketing strategy that generates converting leads. It is rapidly gaining traction among B2B businesses due to its massive reach and improved connection and interaction. Direct mail involves sending promotional material to customers at their offices.

These are known customers who provide their addresses willingly or have their email addresses on their websites and are already receptive to marketing materials. B2B businesses use brochures, letters, postcards, etc., to target their clients at their place of business. However, the challenge of using direct mail is that campaigns must be personalised to the needs of prospective clients. Sending frequent campaigns also increases the likelihood of converting.

  1. Personalised Email Marketing

Most B2B clients use emails daily when making business decisions. Therefore, once these prospective clients enter the sales pipeline, it is upon a BTL marketing agency to develop email campaigns based on user preference and behaviour to address their requirements.

Being on top of email inboxes increases the chances of prospects opening messages and clicking links. However, this is only possible when using engaging subject lines with valuable content that keeps the reader hooked. Personalised email marketing campaigns can also inform customers about webinars, whitepapers, case studies, consultations and free demos.

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  1. Events and Sponsorships

Hosting or sponsoring events is another effective strategy for a business to meet its audiences where they are. This form of marketing is ideal for niche industries that value face-to-face interaction. Industry events also have numerous sponsorships for digital ads, software, etc., to attract more attendees. When businesses create events, they must have a pre- and post-marketing strategy to align with their sales targets. As a result, they will schedule meetings and follow up on clients after that.

  1. Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Trade fairs and exhibitions are among the widely used forms of BTL marketing for improving brand recognition. They provide a space where businesses meet their clients face-to-face to discuss the products offered. In addition, the business educates its clients on the current market trends and projections of the business landscape.

Hosting these fairs twice a year through a BTL marketing agency increases brand recognition while attracting more prospects. B2B businesses can also collaborate and offer opportunities for firms within the same industry.

  1. Targeted Online Marketing

Targeted online works mostly for B2B businesses that want to reach a specific audience that is part of the total reachable market. It mainly focuses on creating advertising campaigns targeting specific demographics. For B2B businesses, it targets companies within a particular industry, location, and profession. One of the avenues for targeted online marketing is LinkedIn, where marketers reach prospects using advertisements based on profession or groups. B2B marketers can target company CEOs, directors, managers, and even marketing groups within their industries. The more these groups interact with marketing campaigns, the higher the chances of them calling or messaging the business for further consultation.

As competition becomes stiffer in the B2B landscape, it is now important for businesses to enhance customer engagement throughout the buyers’ journey. After generating leads, the next step is creating personalised field sales marketing strategies to engage these audiences specifically. BTL marketing ensures better connectivity with prospects which boosts customer loyalty. However, the success of BTL strategies relies on using a healthy marketing mix for scaling business operations to elevate the brand.

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