6 Major Benefits of Plate Recognition Camera Systems

Plate Recognition Camera Systems

A license plate recognition or LPR camera is a specialized surveillance system that’s designed to read and log vehicles’ license plate numbers. Unlike other camera systems that take wide-angle videos, LPR cameras serve just one purpose: capturing license information. Below, readers will learn a few major benefits of LPR cameras.

Plate Recognition Camera Systems

Ensuring the Accuracy of Evidence Gathering

License plate recognition cameras offer accurate captures in all weather and lighting conditions and can gather information from vehicles traveling at high speeds. While standard cameras may struggle in these conditions, LPRs deliver high-quality evidence every time.

Simple Usage

License plate recognition camera systems allow for autonomous surveillance, eliminating the need for manual monitoring and footage review. With the right viewing software, plate scans are automatically converted into text databases that can easily be searched. The software is linked to a national LPR car detector and data server, allowing camera users to create lists of suspect vehicles. With these cameras and software, users can free up their time for other more important tasks.

Versatility and Portability

LPR cameras are designed for fast and easy deployment. Simply attach the camera to an existing structure, power it on, and let it do its work. The best systems can be quickly deployed to meet changing surveillance requirements and help users fight against traffic crime, vehicle burglary and theft, illegal dumping, and other offenses.

Security on Construction Sites

License plate recognition cameras greatly improve security on job sites. These areas are often poorly lit, and standard definition cameras may not deliver the clear and accurate video evidence needed to investigate crimes and secure arrest warrants. LPR cameras gather plate details no matter how dark it gets, so unwanted visitors can be tracked easily. These cameras are valuable access management tools that allow users to create whitelists of authorized vehicles while keeping others out of secure areas.

Homeowners’ Associations

LPR systems are a valuable tool for investigators and law enforcement officers, but others can also benefit. For instance, homeowners’ associations often use these systems to track cars leaving and entering neighborhoods. While some may see it as an invasion of privacy, LPR systems help with evidence gathering should any criminal activities occur.

Securing Parking Lots and Garages

License plate recognition systems also help owners manage parking garages and lots, boosting security and making information gathering easier. LPR cameras manage access by linking to exit and entry gates, log vehicles as they come and go, and help with investigations after crimes occur.

Viable, Versatile, and Accurate License Plate Recognition Camera Systems and Solutions

As shown here, license plate cameras serve an important purpose and offer numerous benefits to law enforcement officers and property owners. Not only do they deter crime, but they also capture evidence of it as it occurs. Whether it’s a parking lot, construction site, government installation, retail building, private residence, or other area, LPR systems gather the information users need to make fair and accurate enforcement decisions. With the right recognition system, any property can be made safer.

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