A detailed guide on Har Ki Dun Trek with Camping 2023

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 At an altitude of,700 ft, the Har ki Dun journey is in all senses, a gateway to heaven. A snow- freckled paradise for downtime fanatics on one hand and adorned by alpine meadows, and pine timbers for all those who seek solace in the grasp of nature on the other, it’s a paradise for pedestrians, be it newcomers or educated bones

Nestled on the western edge of Garhwal in Uttarkashi quarter, the Har ki Dun journey is not just a journey conforming of graphic views but also has rich artistic and mythological significance. numerous locals believe that the land belongs to none other than Duryodhana from the grand Mahabharata. The legend goes that a clan devoted to the Kauravas lived near to the vill of Osla and erected a tabernacle to pay their felicitations to him. That tabernacle exists indeed moment. 

Valley of God

 On the other hand, this journey is one of the oldest Himalayan trekking trails. The name Har ki Dun translates to “ Valley of Gods ” signifying its other spiritual significance regarding the myth. It’s believed that this was the route that was taken by the Pandavas on their lift to heaven, which is why it earns its name as the stairway to heaven journey.

Bandarpoonch, as well as Black peak. The trail leads you to townlets that have been then since 2000 times agone and meeting the locals gives you a regard into their lives. A perfect spot for nature suckers, adventure suckers as well as people who love to indulge in photography from time to time, the Har ki Dun journey is truly a blessing. Some of the stylish lodestones of the Har ki Dun journey are the below- mentioned tabernacle in the vill of Osla, a 5000- time-old structure sculpted out from wood. 

 Difficulty of the Journey 

 Har ki Dun journey is suitable for any freshman and proves to be instigative for indeed an educated mountaineer. The Har ki Dun journey difficulty is rated from easy to moderate and provides a good overall experience. 

The foliage and fauna mixed with rich culture and immense literal significance secure its position among top contenders in the list of stylish journeys in Uttarakhand. 

 Trek to Har ki Dun takes a aggregate of 7 days and thresholds from a small vill named Sankri positioned in the Uttarkashi quarter of Uttarakhand. 


 Day 1

Drive From Dehradun To Sankri Base Village( 198 Kms, 8 Hrs Drive) 

 The group will assemble at the volley point at 0630 AM. 

 We will drive towards Sankri vill which is the base camp for the Har Ki Dun Trek. 

 Upon reaching Sankri, we’ll check in to our designated sleepover. The rest of the day is at rest and trippers

 are advised to rest. 

 In the evening, regale will be served followed by an late stay in Sankri Village. 

 Day 2

Sankri to Puani Garaat 10 Kms Drive

 After early morning breakfast, we will head towards Taluka which is the starting point for the journey. 

 After a long drive to Taluka, we will start our journey to Puani Garaat. The trail is a mix of slanting pitches and thick timbers of homilies, chinars, walnuts, and willows. You’ll also see some of the most beautiful slinging falls. 

 We’ll reach the base camp just in time to see the sun setting and spreading its golden pool of light each over the vast breadth of land. 

 regale followed by an late stay at Puani Garaat basecamp. 


 After morning tea and breakfast, we will start our journey towards Har ki Dun Valley. 

 We’ll be covering through Osla vill. After crossing the ground over the Supin swash, the touring trail reaches a crest named Kalkatiyadhar, from where you’ll get the first view of Har Ki Dun Valley. 

 farther, the trail passes through lush green meadows before eventually giving way to our campground. 

 regale followed by an late stay in camps at Kalkatiyadhar. 

 Day 4

Trek from Kalkatiyadhar to Har- Ki- Dun| Back to Kalkatiyadhar( 14 Kms, 7 Hrs) 

 After waking up to the majestic view of Swargarohini peaks, we will have breakfast with stunning geographies in the background. 

 The touring trails start from lush green meadows and soon you get to see foamy falls flowing relentlessly before reaching the Har ki Dun vale. 

 After spending a many peaceful moments then, witnessing the magical geographies, we will head back to the campground. 

 regale followed by an late stay in canopies. 

 Day 5

Trek from Kalkatiyadhaar to Puani Garaat Via Seema( 8 Kms, 4 Hrs) 

 Day 6

Trek from Puani Garaat to Taluka| Drive to Sankri from Taluka( 10 Kms, 1 Hr Drive)


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