The 10 Best Phone Grips For iPhone 14 for 2023

Best Phone Grips For iPhone

Our phones are growing in size while our hands are not. Hence, our phone drops are increasing. Thankfully, phone grips exist! Here are some of the top iPhone phone grips!

During our review of the top iPhone phone grips, we evaluated each grip’s standability, compatibility, hand comfort in both horizontal and vertical positions, durability, personalization, protection, card capacity, and ease of use.

Top 10 Phone Grips: Best Picks 


PopGrip is our preferred MagSafe-compatible phone grip and may be the best iPhone phone grip available. Generally, we don’t like PopSockets very much, but the PopGrip is one of the best iPhone accessories we’ve ever used. That simply works. While utilising the grip, our phone feels secure, and removing it after we’re done with it is simple. 

The icing on our MagSafe Phone Grip sundae has been the ability to customise each grip. We can’t really find many issues with PopGrip. The only thing we’ve noticed from our usage over the last year was the finish on the back is starting to come off.


One of the most comfortable grips to use is the LoveHandle Pro. The band is wide, roomy enough to comfortably fit two fingers, and, best of all, it can be adjusted. Moreover, the LoveHandle Pro serves as a stand for both portrait and landscape orientations.

You’re going to appreciate the fact that it also clicks if you have fidgety fingers. The semi-permanent nature of this phone grip prevents you from using MagSafe, which is a drawback. We believe LoveHandle shouldn’t completely dismiss the idea of creating a MagSafe phone hold. Apply Love Handle Coupon Code using this link to save hue on your purchases. 

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SnapGrip from Nillkin isn’t awful. It’s a MagSafe-compatible, semi-permanent phone grip. Strangely, nobody else carries this out. Both landscape and portrait stand modes are available with Nillkin SnapGrip, and unlike most phone grips, the angle is adjustable.

The use of the grip is challenging due to the two joints involved. If the joints are not folded correctly, they also don’t lay flat. As the loop is metallic, it feels like a guillotine when it is in contact with your fingers. Although it’s not as severe as typical loops like the Anker Magnetic Ring, you will eventually feel the loop.


The Loopy Case was the finest phone hold for the iPhone until MagSafe was introduced. The Loopy Case is nicely manufactured, has a wide variety of styles, and the loop is quite cosy.

In actuality, the Loopy is split equally between a handle and a phone grip. The only phone grip that safely lets you flip the phone out of your hand while keeping it on your fingers is this one (think carrying your groceries).

The Loopy Case’s inability to work with MagSafe devices is a drawback. And let’s face it, MagSafe rocks. The one item we’re undecided about is this one; it’s wonderful, but its lack of MagSafe compatibility prevents it from ranking in the top five of our best phone grips. the iPhone 13


Due to all the features PopSocket included into the PopCase, we were quite eager to purchase it. The cover offers protection for your iPhone and allows you to use a PopSocket without interfering with the MagSafe. PopCase gave the impression that a fantastic phone grip was on the way! The portrait stand feature was the one about which we were most enthusiastic. It works despite being a little shaky.

In reality, things were different. The PopCase case is really glossy and sleek, and the buttons are quite stiff. Despite the fact that it must be glossy for the PopSocket to move along, the surface feels oily. The glossy back is also prone to scratches.


Due to the weight of your iPhone being distributed across two fingers and the fact that the entire grip rotates to fit the angle of your hand, FlipGrip is an extremely comfortable grip. Those with fidgety fingers will like the pleasing click that occurs when the grip is opened.

If you attach the FlipGrip in the middle of the device, landscape viewing is available. The inability to use MagSafe with FlipGrip is a clear disadvantage. One of these phone grips was tried with a low mount, but we were unable to get the MagSafe charger to fit (the low mount also prevented us from using it as a stand).


The Moft Snap+Stand’s design is a fantastic option. The huge surface area on the back plus the ability to twist the grip to fit your fingers make this one of the more pleasant phone grips we’ve used. Unlike other iPhone phone grips, the Moft MagSafe phone grip looks terrific and is not an eyesore.

This product has two drawbacks that keep it near the bottom of our list of the best phone grips for iPhones. The wear and tear comes first. The only grip that began to rip after six months of use was this one. The other is that the Max-sized iPhones cannot be used with the vertical stand feature. It simply falls.


Ghostek is a company that frequently operates in the shadows but creates unique goods. Ghostek constantly strives to improve, which is something we like. Ghostek Loop differs from other fabric-based phone grips in a few ways. The firm stand is the first, and the detachability is the second. You can put the gadget in a non-MagSafe car mount more easily by removing the grip.

Although we wouldn’t describe this grip as MagSafe compliant, the loop is long enough to allow you to attach it at the bottom of the device and still use some MagSafe accessories with it. The iPhone seems top-heavy due to the low layout, which makes it a little uncomfortable.


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