Biology Practical Class 11 – Prepare Yourself for 11th Grade

biology practical class 11

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Biology is a subject full of concepts and facts. Students need to memorise a lot of things. On the other hand, it is a detailed knowledge subject requiring conceptual understanding. It familiarises students about their surroundings, with biotic and abiotic components, covering multiple areas of the environment. Most importantly, biology provides detailed information on the functioning mechanism of our body, its constitutive parts, and their structure. Considering this, it is also an important subject as far as intermediate education is concerned. Along with theoretical concepts, students need to get command over practical aspects.

Importance of Biology Practical Exam

Biology practical class 11 plays a key role in the future studies of any student aiming for higher education.

Practical knowledge is required in preparing medical examinations covering around 50% of the biology questions.

It provides a better understanding of the theoretical aspect of biology.

Scoring high marks in practical exams eases students’ load in board examinations.

Enlightens students about practical aspects of biology.

Recommended Books to Prepare for Biology Practical Class 11

ISC students are recommended to follow the standard book for preparation for biology practicals. The generally followed book is ISC Biology Practical Work-Book by Shri Balaji Publications.

Features of ISC Biology Practical Work-Book:

It is a concisely written book containing to-the-point and correct information.

The practicals are explained in detail with diagrammatic representation.

Practice exercises are good for preparing any student for the practical examination.

It also provided questions on viva-voce.

Tips to Prepare for Biology Practical Class 11

Study: Ensure to study the theoretical part of biology practical. For instance, if preparing for osmosis, remember to gain detailed insight into the same topic provided in the textbook.

Diagrams: Biology practical class 11 is based on diagrammatic representations. There are questions to draw the diagrams, or they require figure wise explanation of the process being studied or conducted. The exam may also require drawing the figure being visualised in the practical experiment. Moreover, making diagrams awards marks even when they are not asked, both in theoretical and practical exams.

Labelling: Remember that solely drawing pictures is never enough in biology theoretical and practical exams. It should be properly labelled.

Practice: Practice is highly important to instantly recognise the exhibited slides. The microscopic structures generally are the same with little differences. Self-practice will help in effortless identification and will also remove confusion.

Understand: The biology practical requires multiple serial-wise steps to conduct an experiment. Rather than memorising them, try to understand the reason behind their chronology. All the steps are connected and are a necessity. It will allow better understanding and will not require memorising.

Prepare revision list: The principles behind every experiment are simple. They can be summarised in a few lines if understood clearly. Make short lines on sticky notes to revise randomly at any time. It will further avoid last-minute burdens.

Writing: Practise writing the experiments. There are multiple experiments to be written down in the practical exams. Sometimes, time may seem short for the same, and other times students forget the procedures. Compile the points mentioned above and practice writing regularly to score the best in biology practical class 11.

Structure: Experiments should always be written in proper structure. It should begin with an aim, followed by the principle, material required, and procedure. The experiment should always contain observation and result further ended by discussion/inference and precaution.

Things to Remember While Going for Biology Practical Examination

Students must have the following things to appear for the practical biology examination:

Admit Card

Dissection Box

Pencil box

Coloured pencils

Laboratory record book or manual prepared during the session

Laboratory coat or apron


Biology practical exam is a part of Biology examination. Giving proper practice and time to this part will eventually benefit in the subject and furthermore will be the source of a good score. Follow the ISC Biology Practical class 11 workbook combined with regular practice to earn high marks.

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