The Ultimate Guide to DBZ Adventures Unleashed Trello

Dragon Ball Z: Super Warrior Call is a card game designed for 2 players, typically aged 13 and up. Released in 2003 by Bandai, the game pits you as either Vegeta or the Artificial Human (AI) Cell in a battle to see who can capture 7 of the other player’s energy spheres first. In October 2016, a digital reimagining of Super Warrior Call was released as DBZ Adventures Unleashed Trello. The AI has broken free from its shackles, and it’s up to you and your friends to stop them before they destroy Earth once again. To do that, you must recruit warriors from across the Dragon Ball Z universe and train them to stave off this new threat.

How to Play DBZ Adventures Unleashed Trello

You can play solo or with friends, and you can even join an online guild to meet and battle players from around the world. The game features a story mode, in which you travel around the world and recruit characters from the Dragon Ball Z universe to help stop the AI, as well as a league mode, in which you compete against other players to climb the ranks. You can win by completing the story mode and beating the AI, or you can win by climbing the ranks in the league mode.


In DBZ Adventures Unleashed  Trello, you build a deck of cards to defeat the AI, as well as other players in a league-style competition. To build your deck, you must first gain experience by completing quests, defeating enemies, and ranking up in the game’s league mode. Once you gain enough experience, you level up, allowing you to recruit new cards, and level up your existing cards by feeding them other cards you don’t use. Once you have your deck built, you can challenge the AI in the story mode, or you can join a league and battle other players’ decks in order to climb the ranks and become the league’s champion.

Why You Should Play DBZ Adventures Unleashed Trello

DBZ Adventures Unleashed  Trello is a great game for fans of Dragon Ball Z and deck-building games. Unlike the original card game, DBZ Adventures Unleashed Trello lets you build a deck to suit your playstyle, giving the game high replayability. It also has an in-game chat, making it easy to meet and chat with other players from around the world, and a daily login bonus that gives you extra experience and materials for the game, allowing you to progress quicker.

Strategy Guide

To win in DBZ Adventures Unleashed Trello, you must build a deck to suit your playstyle and level up your cards. Once you have enough experience, you can play a card against the AI, allowing you to take one of their energy spheres. The level system allows you to play two cards every three turns against the AI, but it resets every time you defeat the AI. The game also features a loot system that allows you to earn rare and powerful cards, but you can also buy packs with real money.

Key Tips and Tricks

If you are playing the game for the first time, use the daily login bonus to earn experience and level up your cards quickly. Once you have leveled up your cards, you can play against the AI and take their energy spheres. If you don’t have enough experience to play a card against the AI, or if you don’t have enough cards, you can spend money to buy packs and level up your cards quicker. DBZ Adventures Unleashed Trello is a free-to-play game, so don’t feel pressured to spend real money to progress quicker. The game gives you plenty of experience and materials to progress without spending real money, so don’t feel pressured to spend real money to progress quicker.

Final Words

Dragon Ball Z: Super Warriors Call is a classic card game that has been re-released as DBZ Adventures Unleashed Trello. It is a great game for fans of the series, as well as those that enjoy digital card games. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z, we hope you enjoy DBZ Adventures Unleashed  Trello as much as we do.

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