The 5 Best Places to Eat in Palomira, Spain

Palomira is a small and charming village in the province of A Coruña, Spain. It has only about 2,000 residents who call this place their home. The surrounding area is dotted with orchards and vineyards that produce some of the best Spanish grapes, leading to excellent local wine. You’ll find several restaurants in Palomira serving up local delicacies such as pescaito con almejas (codfish with clams), caldo gallego (Galician soup) and marmitako de brezo (bread stuffing). Here are our picks of the 5 best places to eat in Palomira, Spain.

The Parador Palomira Restaurant

Parador Palomira Restaurant is the perfect place to eat if you’re looking to impress a guest with a Spanish feast.The hotel is located in the center of Palomira, and the restaurant is by the main square, Rúa de Palomera.The restaurant offers tapas, raciones, a la carte, and buffet meals. During the day, you can enjoy a buffet lunch. At night, the restaurant offers a buffet dinner that includes a soup, an entrée, a main course, vegetables, and a dessert. In the summer, the restaurant offers a buffet dinner with a selection of fish, seafood, and meats. In the winter, you’ll find a more substantial buffet with a variety of roasted meats and vegetables. The Parador Palomira Hotel’s restaurant can also deliver meals to your room.

Palomira Beers

Palomira is a great place to try a local specialty: cava. This is the fermented grape juice that produces the sparkling wine known as cava. Real cava gets its bubbles from yeast and is made in the same way Champagne is made. Cava producers are famous for their high-quality products. When purchasing wine, keep in mind that Palomira produces two grapes: macabeo and palomino. Macabeo, whose wine is pale straw in color, is the variety that produces cava. Palomira’s cava is sold in bottles marked with the letters P-A. If you like sparkling wine and you’re looking for a fun place to drink, Palomira is the place for you.

El Tope de San Pedro

The must-try dish in Palomira is el tope de san pedro (the top of san pedro). This dish is a specialty of the region and is made from white fish that is breaded and deep-fried.You can find this dish at many restaurants in Palomira, but the best place is La Parada, located at the main square. It’s the only restaurant that is owned and operated by the local fishermen. At lunch, you can enjoy the tope de san pedro for only €10. El tope de san pedro is usually served for breakfast or as an appetiser. In the summer, you can enjoy it for dinner.

The Abbey Manor House

If you’re looking for a unique place to eat, the Abbey Manor House is your first option. This beautiful building is located in the town of San Martiño de Trevejo and is run by the Order of the Cistercians. The order founded the monastery that built the house in the 12th century, and the monks still live there. The house serves traditional Spanish cuisine that is prepared with olive oil imported from Spain’s southwest. Dishes such as patatas bravas, espárragos al vino, tortilla de patatas, tortillitas de patata, and pan de todo are on the menu. If these traditional Spanish recipes sound great to you, the Abbey Manor House is where you should eat.

Restaurante La Trafula

For a delicious meal at a reasonable price, try Restaurante La Trafula. This casual restaurant is located in a restored home and is run by the Trafula family. Try the riojano, a traditional fish soup that is made with small fish that are caught in the Río Rúa river. The fish are small, but their taste reflects their quality. The riojano is one of the most typical dishes in the region and is served at many restaurants in Palomira. One important thing to know about the riojano is that it should only be served in large bowls. If your waiter brings a smaller bowl, ask him to bring you the large bowl. When it comes to serving the riojano, size matters.

La Tranquila Restaurant

If you’re looking for an elegant dinner in a traditional setting, try La Tranquila Restaurant. This restaurant is located in the Hotel Pazo de Palomira, a five-star hotel that is open to guests. The hotel is a great place to stay in Palomira, with its beautiful garden and rooms overlooking the river.The cuisine is based on seafood and includes local delicacies such as pescaito con almejas (codfish with clams), caldo gallego (Galician soup), and marmitako de brezo (bread stuffing).

How to get to Palomira, Spain?

Palomira is located in the province of A Coruña, in the region of Rias Baixas.If you want to go to Palomira and experience the local cuisine, we recommend visiting the town during the month of March. During this month, you can enjoy the best local seafood during the Festa de la Pesca (Festival of Seafood). You can also visit Palomira during the summer when you can enjoy swimming in the river and enjoying the sun. If you want to visit Palomira all year round, try visiting between September and March. If you want to experience the best local food, we recommend visiting in the months of September through March. Palomira is a small and charming town in the province of A Coruña, Spain. It has only about 2,000 residents who call this place their home.

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