Why Do You Need a Survey Company For Your Development Project

In Canada, getting a land survey done before undertaking any development project is quite the requisite and common knowledge. New property owners, however, aren’t completely sure of why they need their land surveyed.

Property owners are often struck with questions like, what exactly do land survey companies do and why do I need them? Today, we’ll address all those questions & explain why hiring a land survey company is one of the best decisions you can take before developing a new project on your property.

What Does a Land Survey Company Do?
A land survey company employs professionals who conduct land surveys, to help define the boundaries of a property before construction, evaluation of the land or sale of a property. These professionals make use of professional equipment to map the property and define aspects such as land and water spaces, such as roads and rivers, as well as several other features that help identify an area.

How Are Land Survey Companies Licensed and Why Is it Important?
Becoming a land surveyor isn’t just handling a GPS device or standing behind a total station. Land surveys need certification by the National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), after having passed a written evaluation and at least a thousand hours of training before they can offer their professional services.

Here Are Five Steps To Becoming A Land Surveyor:

1. Land Surveyors need to hold a bachelor’s degree to be eligible for a surveying exam.

2. A computer-based exam conducted by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying will be conducted to assess the fundamentals.

3. Get hands-on experience by working for a licensed surveyor.

4. Get through the principles & practice of the surveying exam

5. Finally, aspirant surveyors will need to take a state-specific exam mandatory for surveying in a particular state.

Every state has their set of particular requisites, such as minimal training and technical requirements that need compliance and surveyors must meet the minimum standards before they can offer their services.

In addition, they have to comply with the ethics of the profession and not perform ill practices such as altering the boundaries of a property according to the client’s needs. Public safety, too, needs proper consideration while surveying is in progress.

Why Do You Need a Land Survey Company?
Dealing in real estate is quite a critical task and it’s best to be as groomed as possible. Developing land in particular requires a prior survey of the land, that mentions its boundaries and physical features in detail. A word from the previous landowner may not be enough to decide the boundaries accurately, and doing so can potentially cause long-lasting legal disputes that cost a fortune.

Assessing a property’s boundaries can help you ensure adherence to the legal code, as well as height restrictions, that can cause inconvenience in future if left unaddressed.

Overlooking boundary lines can also cost a fortune if you run along fences or boundaries of your neighbor and now are left with no option but to make changes to your constructed property, which not only costs time and money but also gives an irresponsible impression for a buyer.

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