5 Dog Breeds That are Often Misunderstood

misunderstood dog breeds

misunderstood dog breeds

If you’re a dog lover or are exploring the idea of including a new furry friend in your household, you may have heard a number of stereotypes about different breeds. There are loads of stories about problematic pooches according to type. It can be tempting to accept these common tales as fact, but in general, you can’t judge a dog by its breed. The truth is, poor puppy behavior usually has more to do with an animal’s treatment and training. Sometimes owners simply don’t know how to best care for their new friend. That’s why it’s always important to do some research before getting a pet. To get you started, here’s an overview of five dog breeds that are often misunderstood.

1. Pit Bulls

Probably one of the most misunderstood dog breeds is the poor Pit Bull. This doggie gets a really bad rap that’s completely undeserved. The first thing to know is that “Pit Bull” is actually a term that is often misused, often referring to a variety of dog breeds. Dogs in this category are truly some of the most friendly and loving animals. They tend to adore children. They’re also quite protective and loyal. In fact, it’s likely due to this loyal nature, combined with tremendous strength, that led to misunderstandings about their true goodness.

2. German Shepards

German Shepards are some of the smartest dogs around. Like pit bulls, they’re also loyal and strong. In addition, dogs of this breed enjoy being useful. One of their top jobs is often that of the protector. The key to ensuring your Shepard is well-behaved and attentive, rather than aggressive, is to provide them with ample training and socialization. It’s essential that anyone wanting a German Shepard think about whether they have the time to invest in this training and whether such a big, powerful dog is an investment they can handle.

3. Doberman Pinschers

The Doberman Pinscher has a strikingly imposing appearance and can seem intimidating. It has come into fashion to crop the ears of most Dobermans, which is what lends to this type of first impression. Dobermans are actually quite sensitive animals. In fact, they love being with their people and hate being left alone. They are prone to separation anxiety and behavioral issues if left to their own devices for too long. For this reason, you’ll want to be sure you have the time to devote to a Doberman. When you do, they will become your most loyal, loving companion. European Dobermans are a particularly beautiful and regal breed.

4. Rottweilers

Another dog of substantial size and imposing appearance is the Rottweiler. Like other dogs on this list, they require thorough and consistent training in order to learn how to best socialize with others. These smart dogs are inclined to be incredibly obedient once they are trained and understand the rules. A well-taught Rottweiler will channel their fierce loyalty and devotion into providing you with undying affection, not aggression.

5. Chihuahua

While not as commanding in stature as the others dogs discussed here, the Chihuahua’s high energy and seemingly overbearing attitude can make them appear more menacing than they actually are. If not provided with sufficient training and guidance, like many dogs, even this little pipsqueak can become quite contentious. When they are taught properly and given the time and dedication they require, Chihuahuas can learn to harness their energy and demonstrate a calm, friendly demeanor. Though protective, these small wonders are also incredibly friendly and loving, as well as intelligent and fun.


Hopefully, you now have some information to help guide your path toward finding the perfect pooch pal. Which dog is right for you depends on several factors such as your lifestyle, where you live, and your personal preference. Taking the time to research various dog breeds and narrowing down a list of your favorites will allow you to find a pet that fits well with your personality, energy level, finances, and available space. You’ll be glad you didn’t rush into a decision. As you can see, all sorts of dog breeds can make wonderful, safe, and lovable pets.

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