Why Dynamics 365 Finance Is a Great Investment

Your company might still benefit from Dynamics AX. It’s been used by your team, and you are comfortable with the program. The primary issue with Dynamics AX is how difficult it is to integrate into the cloud. Due to this, many businesses use AX locally rather than utilizing the cloud’s scalability and security.

Business continuity can be enhanced by switching to Dynamic 365 Finance (previously Finance and Operations). Utilizing Dynamic 365 Finance can streamline workflows with automatic updates. Additionally, you can put all your data in a secure virtual place and give team members access to it from anywhere. At this point, when so many people work from home, Dynamics 365 Implementation is beneficial. You may increase compliance with data governance laws like GDPR by keeping your data on the cloud.

What are the benefits of Dynamics 365 Finance for your ERP operations?

Other justifications for upgrading to Dynamic 365 Finance include the following:

Integrate Other Dynamics 365 Modules with Dynamics 365 Finance

The Dynamics 365 suite’s finance module works smoothly with the other Dynamic 365 modules. Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, and Field Service are some of these modules. As a result, you can increase efficiency and performance within your company by centralizing all of your business operations into a single system.

Generate Business Intelligence

Finance also has built-in analytics, allowing you to assess how well your ERP procedures are working and spot patterns and trends that could influence your company in the future.

Save Money

Finance helps you save money by automating many of the labor-intensive ERP activities. Automating workflows allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your business rather than worrying about finishing tedious, manual chores.

Conclusion – Before You Move to Dynamics 365 Finance

It can be challenging to switch from Dynamic AX to Dynamics 365 Finance, mainly if your team has used it for a long time. When switching to Dynamic 365 Finance, several factors exist, including data migration and selecting a Microsoft license.

For this reason, you require the assistance of a credible Dynamics 365 partner, such as Online24x7, who can assist you with integrating Finance (as well as other Microsoft ecosystem products) into your business. Additionally, you’ll discover how to teach your staff the use of the system and modify your new ERP software to suit business needs. In the end, Dynamic 365 Finance provides you with additional value. These implementation partners are experts in Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations and offer ongoing support, upkeep, and advising.

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