Holistic Guide to the Appealing and Alluring Black Agate Jewelry

Black Agate jewelry

Black Agate is a chalcedony form of quartz crystal. Black agate tends to one of the many colour variations that come across agate. It darkish black tone makes it to appear solid when viewed from a certain distance. However, when viewed under sunlight, its transparency is revealed to the eyes.

Exquisite black agate jewelry is prized worldwide not merely for its stunning and elegant black-body surface, but also for its unparalleled beauty and grounding energy that it emanates.

This blog will provide you a Holistic Guide to the Appealing and Alluring Black Agate Jewelry that will make your gemstone jewelry shopping quite smooth.

The Beauty of Black Agate Jewelry

What tends to be the centre of attraction in black agate jewelry like those glittering black agate rings and black agate necklace, is/are their banding pairs and multiple layers of colorations.

In the gemstone jewelry market, you will basically come across two idea color combos in black agate jewelry. The first would be of black and darkish-grey, and the second would be of black and darkish-brown.

Moreover, black agate which seems to be crystal-white, are known as Black Onyx and those with a colorless and highly transparent surface are known as Black Chalcedony.

One of the rarest black gemstone to exists on the planet, black agate jewelry, with its inexplicable elegant and appearance have left jewelry lovers all over the world completely spell-bounded and astonished. The calming and grounding energy that it emanates infuses peace and positivity into the surrounding environment.

All credits to its darkish, royal hue with a reflecting and transparent surface that lends it a heavenly and soothing look.

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Unveiling the History of Black Agate

The history of black agate goes way back to 300 B.C. During those times, Greek philosophers adored it as the “Stone of Warriors” as it powerful aura use to act as a shield against external threats and injuries. It’s peaceful vibes helps the wearer to attain peace of mind by steering the person out of complexities and chaos in life. A balancing stone, it let the brain to maintain a balance between positive and negative energies around him/her.

An epitome of peace, positivity, progress, and happiness, adorning yourself with exquisite black agate jewelry indeed showers blessings of good fortune and wealth upon you.

The medieval people had unleashed this stone’s miraculous healing properties, which tend to alleviate various ailments in boys such as joint and muscular pain, neck and shoulder issues, as well as certain digestion problems and nausea.

How to Spot Fake Black Agate?

Gemstone jewelry market nowadays, has been penetrated by hordes of fraud players that have make it their aim to make tones of profit by sticking fake black agate to jewelry lovers who lacks basic know-how to spot authentic black agate.

So next time, when you are getting suspected about the authenticity and the quality of that black agate pendant or that glittering pair of black agate earrings, look out for these factors of authenticity.

  • Real Black Agate would be comparatively heavier than the fake one

  • The inside of the stone would feel like having a waxy or glassy lustre

  • In most cases, black agate is transparent. So, if your black agate lacks this trait somewhere, ask for a certificate of quality and authenticity from the jewelry

  • Fake Agate would not allow the light to pass through to it

  • Real Agate is always harder. On the other hand, the surface of fake agate can be easily scratched with a knife or any sharp tool

How to Take Care of your Black Agate Jewelry?

With a hardness level that varies between 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, authentic black agate stone is naturally bestowed with the blessing to withstand a bit of abuse.

However, the wearer needs to be concerned that even hard gemstones comes with precaution to handle them with utmost care and concern.

Avoid striking that precious black agate ring against any hard or rough surface. It could damage the stone drastically.

Alike all gemstones, long exposure to sunlight acts like a slow poison. So, always ensure that your black agate is not exposed to increased heat or sunlight. Failing to do so can cause them to break or chip from the edges.

To avoid their discoloration, always keep them away from chemically-loaded substances like perfumes, nail polish, make-up items etc.

Last but not the least, comes their cleansing.

The best and the most reliable way is to simply use a solution of lukewarm water with a few drops of mild soap or detergent to remove dust and tarnishing from the stone.

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