Best custom fashioned cakes for your near and dear ones

Best custom fashioned cakes for your near and dear ones

Cakes are the best part of any celebration that you undertake throughout the year. If there is one thing in this world that can uplift your mood when you’re sad then it’s nothing but the cakes and the amazing flavors will always delight your palate and satisfy your mind, body and soul. Of course there are many flavors of these cakes but there might be some that are quite close to your family members, you may be aware of certain traditional recipes that have been going on in your family for many years. Now is the time to rejoice in new flavors that you’ve not yet tasted or would want to give to your near and dear ones.

Strawberry and White chocolate – For the Romantic couples

You must have tasted only white chocolate and strawberry cakes on several occasions but this time to your near and dear ones you can buy cake online and surprise them with a wonderful combination of flavors. In this same type of cake three to four different combinations can be made such as – 

  • White chocolate ganache on strawberry cake 
  • White chocolate whipped cream on strawberry cake 
  • White chocolate whipped cream with jam filled strawberry cake 
  • White chocolate cake with strawberry frosting and strawberry filling

There are so many flavors that you can create out of just two ingredients and they all taste heavenly. This one is ideal to surprise a new wedding couple friend of yours or your parents on their anniversary. 

Orange cake with Mango buttercream and Mango mousse chocolate on top – 

Orange cakes have been in tradition for quite a long time. Orange and cinnamon cakes taste heavenly. But this time try a different flavor of orange with Mango buttercream. These two together can create a magical sweet and tangy flavor that you’ll remember for years. To add on the mango mousse chocolate on top as a decoration will work wonders for your celebration. You can best serve and surprise it for a spring party or summer as well. 

White and brown cake – Christmas party special 

White and Brown cake have lots of customized options as many as you want them to be. Basically it can be any two flavors mixed together. It could be whipped cream with vanilla or  white chocolate, buttercream frosting etc. There are many cake ideas online and you can always book those cakes for your celebration that can be customized easily. Now to customize your white and brown cake you can either have white chocolate or vanilla cake which is white in  color and has brown frosting, icing or buttercream on top and filling of chocolate sauce in between. You can even get a spicy Brown cake with white chocolate as a themed cake for a Christmas dinner party. 

Lemon cake with lemon drizzle jam on top – Tea party special 

If you are looking for a cake to welcome spring then what better than a lemon cake to serve. Lemon cakes have the tangy and fruity flavor to satiate your palate. Now suppose you were to attend a tea party and it’s customary to bring a birthday cake. Hence without a second doubt your choice should be a lemon cake. Your customizations could range from 

Buttercream frosting to lemon jam filling or a combination of both in every layer. This cake is so smooth and moist that you’ll forget those fancy cakes forever. 

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Choco, orange,berry cake – Wedding Special 

Relish into the darkness of chocolate with tanginess of orange and savory flavourful berries. This is definitely the most exquisite flavor until now. If you are ever given the task of choosing cake for the bride and groom then this is the best choice. Now you can customize this cake as a wonderful surprise for them and buy cake online as a sample and let them try. Some combinations out these flavors could be – 

  • Chocolate cake with berries and oranges on top 
  • Orange cake with chocolate frosting and berries filled in the center
  • Berries cake with orange icing or frosting and chocolate sauce on top

Ideally you can also make a combination of two different cakes and fillings such as orange cake layer in center and chocolate cake layers below and above with chocolate icing and vice versa.

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