Why SMS Marketing for B2B is Just As Effective As Email

Why SMS Marketing for B2B is Just As Effective As Email

The following is usually the first question that comes up when attempting to connect SMS marketing to the B2B business model: Are SMS marketing campaigns effective for B2B businesses?

Unlike B2C (business-to-consumer) companies, which focus on selling products directly to customers, B2B companies conduct business with other businesses. Businesses that sell to other businesses are known as B2B companies.

When we discuss SMS marketing, most people typically picture a B2C company strategy that heavily utilises it. As a result, some people believe it is a bad idea when we try to tie Email to SMS marketing with a B2B business narrative because this communication marketing channel is in some way specific to the business-to-customer industry.

What do you know, they are wrong! And we’ll explain why in a moment. Continue reading.

Although it is considered to be a “professional setting” because business people communicate and interact with other businesspeople rather than common consumers, the B2B model is a modified version of the B2C model.

What’s so special about B2B?

It’s simple: customers are businesspeople to whom B2B companies are trying to sell goods. With one exception—the presence of some “serious” business people who are dressed professionally—the business-to-business model is fundamentally similar to the business-to-customer model. This description is only a broad generalisation, but you get the idea.

In both scenarios, whether you are selling to regular customers at a store or business people within an organisation. You are speaking and interacting with people. This explains how Email to SMS marketing, which is so popular and successful at strengthening relationships between companies and their customers. May broaden its scope and enter the world of business partnerships.

It seems like some B2B companies are still ignoring the potential of this type of advertising because they think SMS marketing is only appropriate for small, customer-focused businesses. Because other astute B2B marketers have realised that SMS is more than just a retail business-to-customer communication tool, they will be missing out on a valuable marketing and communication channel.

Because SMS is the most well-known and frequently used mobile phone application, SMS marketing is very effective. The integrated SMS feature found on all mobile phones is always on. Doesn’t need to be installed or configured, and—perhaps most importantly—doesn’t require an internet connection to work.

The Effectiveness of B2B

Since almost everyone owns a mobile phone, they can all send and receive SMS text messages. Not to mention how incredibly user-friendly, cosy, and useful SMS is. In addition, it is relatively inexpensive when compared to other marketing strategies.

Compared to 22% of emails, over 99% of SMS messages are opened.

Email to SMS offers a 6–8 times higher engagement rate than email.

90% of all text messages are read within three minutes of receipt, with 98% of all SMS messages being glanced at and read in an average of five seconds (according to Frost & Sullivan). 97% of cell phone owners use SMS at least once per day.

How might SMS be applied in a B2B set?

Building trusting relationships with your business partners, staying in touch with staff. And interacting with B2B-focused clients can all be accomplished very effectively with B2B SMS marketing. SMS is also a fantastic communication tool for sending updates, notifications, news, announcements, and appointment reminders.

Send special offers, coupons for discounts, limited-time deals, or customised greeting cards to go above and beyond. The possibilities are essentially limitless and depend on your company’s objectives.

More than 60% of people, according to statistics, think that businesses should use SMS more frequently, and more than 70% of customers want to receive SMS messages from companies that offer helpful information, updates, or special deals.

Giving “first to know” VIP information about special events, conferences, product launches, or exclusive news to your top clients and industry influencers can make the recipients feel special and motivate them to stay with your company.

It is necessary to adjust the SMS marketing strategy to take into account the slightly different B2B ecosystem norms. SMS marketing needs to be more professional in terms of terminology, what you offer, and how you market your services. You don’t have to be stiff or uninteresting to accomplish this. Just be careful not to send acronyms or incorrect terminology that your regular clients might understand. Customers must think that using your SMS-only service gives them access to more offers and information.

The most important tools that everyone uses for a variety of tasks, including browsing, shopping, entertainment, studying, networking, etc., are mobile phones. You must be the owner of this marketing sector if you want to succeed. Only SMS can connect and convert people as fast as it does on mobile devices. When creating your B2B marketing strategy, keep this in mind.

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