UK Education System – Is It Easy or Hard

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Every student wishes to go abroad for higher studies and why not as studying abroad is a wonderfully enriching experience. It’s become more and more popular in the present day. The Covid-19 pandemic has not made a huge difference in students’ mobility to foreign countries for higher education. Students choose to study abroad for several reasons including

  • It looks good on the CV
  • Improve language skills
  • Meet people of different culture 
  • Gain independence, etc. 

Sometimes students find it difficult to decide which country to go to for higher studies. Living abroad is not easy as getting settled in a different environment takes time. Several universities in various countries have different education standards that a student should meet to move along with the pace. Especially choosing the UK and the US for studies is a tough call. The world’s top 200 universities are in the UK or the US. But, planning to go to the UK? And thinking about the education there is easy or not? Let’s go and learn. 

The Reason Why UK Education System Is Easy

Course Duration

As compared to other countries. The length of the degree in the UK is shorter. Students can complete their undergraduate degree in 3 years. The duration of the master’s degree is 1 year. This is the biggest reason why education in the UK is easier because of a year fewer tuition fees and living costs. This can be a good option for students who want to study abroad. Also, students can hire assignment masters online services for their various assignments. 

Independent Learning

In the UK, students get the opportunity to discover their subject areas. The universities encourage students to the independent studies. They allow access to scholarly sources outside the lectures. This way students learn more about their area of study. The universities provide a tutorial that helps students in the practical aspects. 

Part-time Jobs

When it comes to education in the UK, international students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week off-campus. This makes it easier for them to earn and support their studies and the cost of living. You can become an assignment masters expert too to earn some extra cash.

Choice of Courses

In the UK, universities allow students to specialize in their chosen subjects. The UK has a wide variety of specialized courses. Students can choose the courses easily when they know what field they want to pursue. Law and medical are offered as a degree in the UK while in the US a student needs to complete the “pre-med” course. Students can easily hire Assignment masters for their admission essays, to take admission to the best universities in the UK. 

No Worry of SATs

Students don’t need to get worried about the SATs. Students require to submit these scores to several universities across the globe. But, in the UK there is no need for these scores for the entry requirement. 

Tuition Fees

Although the tuition fees are not that low in the UK, especially in private universities. The tuition fee is low compared to the US. The tuition fees for international students range from £ 8000 to £ 20000 yearly. This is comparatively low than the US universities. 


Students can easily have their bedrooms in the UK. In the UK, students can live the dormitories. In another country, like in the US, they offer full dining options for the students. 

The Visa Rules

It’s hard to get an American visa, as a student has to go through rigorous procedures. In the UK, a student needs to renew the visa after a particular period in the US. This is one of the reasons why students prefer to study in the UK, as the visa procedures are not that hard. 


So now you know, Studying in the UK sounds hard but actually, it isn’t as compared to other countries. What are you waiting for? Take admission now and fulfill your dream of studying abroad.

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