Photo Booth Props for Sale by King Props – an Affordable Way to Spice Up Your Photo Booth Decor

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King Props is an online shop that excels in the design and production of high-quality and creative party props one can use for a variety of events. These include weddings, birthday bashes, grad parties, and more. The company is known for its attention to detail, accuracy, and commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Today, we will look closer at photo booth props for sale by King Props, their customer service, and other factors that make this US-based online venture a hit among party goers and hosts alike.


King Props offers different types of products one might need to spice up their party decor. Their catalog comprises prop signs, stick props, and posters that you can customize depending on your budget and theme.

These items are made from high-quality materials, such as PVC. Plus, they have a creative team that puts enough thought and detailing into each prop before sending them out for a display on their online shop. This means the products you buy from King Props will be not only high quality but also creative and captivating enough to keep your guests entertained until the last minute. 

Customer Service

One of the most impressive aspects of King Props is their customer service. The company is committed to ensuring that their customers are completely satisfied with their purchases, and they go above and beyond to make that happen. 

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Which means that if you are not completely happy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund.

In addition to their satisfaction guarantee, King Props also offers excellent customer support. Their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive, and they are always happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have. 

King Props also provides detailed information about their products. Including measurements, materials, and production processes, which can be very helpful when making a purchasing decision.

Shipping and Packaging

Another area where King Props excels is their shipping and packaging. The company takes great care to ensure that their products arrive in excellent shape and condition, using sturdy boxes. Plenty of padding, and careful handling. They also provide tracking information for their shipments, so you can keep an eye on your order as it makes its way to you.


King Props’ products are not the cheapest on the market, but they are priced fairly. Considering the level of quality and attention to detail that goes into each one. 

Summing it Up

Overall, King Props is a top-notch online shop that produces some of the best props on the market. Their attention to detail and top-notch customer service make them a great choice for anyone looking to add a high-quality prop to their collection. 

As mentioned above, while products offered by King Props may not be the cheapest around, their craftsmanship and accuracy make them well worth the investment. Whether you’re a fan of stick props. Extravagant backdrops, or any other personalized prop or product , King Props has something for everyone.


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