Things to know before travelling from Bangalore to Shimla Manali

travel Bangalore to Shimla Manali

In Himachal, there are many places to visit that have unique natural beauty.It is a land of hill stations and old artwork. Stunning sights and pleasant weather Shimla and Manali are the two most beloved hill stations in the North Indian state of Himachal. There are many tour firms that offer comfortable deals to visit these hill stations. You can get your Bangalore to Shimla Manali package from these tour firms. These businesses also provide easy-to-use and dependable deals.Moreover, there are many sights to explore while travelling from Bangalore to Shimla Manali.

Transport to choose for travelling

Shimla and Manali are both a reasonable distance from Bangalore.Therefore, travelling to these hill stations by road will take many hours. You can book a flight to Chandigarh from Bangalore for a comfortable trip. It will take around 3 hours by road to reach Shimla from Chandigarh.

You will also love the views of the hills on your way to Shimla. There are also many ways to travel between cities. You can travel with private buses or cars, or by public transport and government buses. Furthermore, public transportation is less expensive.

Stays in Shimla and Manali

Shimla and Manali are the two hill stations where many tourists visit throughout the year. Therefore, you will find many options for hotels and stays in these hill stations. You can find hotels through hotel booking websites. There are also many options for home stays in Shimla and Manali.

Moreover, there are some hotels that provide camping in certain areas of these hill stations. You can rent a camper and take it into the woods. The camping is so famous in these mountain areas. You will certainly enjoy staying in camps with bonfires.

The best places to visit in Shimla

Shimla has many spots that offer scenic sights, old artwork, a green landscape, and serene surroundings. There are many places that will require 2 to 3 days to explore. You can go to the well-known Christ Church on Shimla’s Ridge.The Ridge is the centre point and a place to enjoy shopping, dining, and nightlife.

There is also a Jakhoo Devi Hanuman temple on the highest point of the Jakhoo Hills. Moreover, some nearby places like green hills and Chadwick Falls offer stunning beauty.

Places to visit in Manali

Manali is the most famous hill station among tourists from around the world. This hill station offers the beauty of nature with scenic lands, temples, and old artwork. It is also a place that has many natural places to explore. You can visit the most famous Hidimba Devi temple in the jungle, which is fenced with cedar trees.

It is a place with peaceful vibes that attracts many Indian couples for its beauty. There are also places like Solang Valley where you can enjoy many sports, like skiing. Moreover, you can visit Rohtang Pass and wildlife parks.

Why travelling from Bangalore to Shimla Manali

A perfect plan is needed before your travelling from Bangalore to Shimla Manali. These hill stations are very famous among tourists. Therefore, you will find certain places very crowded. A plan for the stays, travel, and places will be very helpful. These points will tell you how to plan your trip. Moreover, you will not need to worry about managing things during the trip.


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