6 Kid Room Themes That Will Make You Want to Play

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A kid’s room is their own space to play, grow, and sleep. It should be a reflection of their personality and interests. It’s a place where they can feel comfortable and safe. When deciding on a theme for your child’s room, there are endless possibilities. Kids’ bedrooms come in all shapes and sizes. Some are brightly colored and full of toys, while others are more subdued and grown-up. But one thing all kid’s bedrooms have in common is that they should be fun! If you’re looking for inspiration for your child’s bedroom, check out these six themes that will make you want to play!

Outer Space

Outer space is a popular theme for kids’ rooms, and it’s easy to see why. The possibilities are endless when it reaches to decorating an outer space-themed room. You can go with a classic Star Wars theme or opt for something more subtle, like constellations on the ceilings. You can also use fun colors and patterns to create an astrophysical scene that your child will love. With creativity, you can turn your child’s bedroom into a fun and inviting space they’ll never want to leave. Area rugs, wall decals, and light fixtures can all be used to bring your outer space theme together. For example, opt for the moon and star-shaped rugs, star-printed bedding, and twinkling lights to hang from the ceiling. So if you’re looking for a kid room theme that will make you want to play, Outer space is a perfect choice.


If you’re looking for a kid room theme that will make you want to play, look no further than dinosaurs! These prehistoric creatures are fascinating, and kids love learning about them. Plus, there are so many ways to incorporate dinosaurs into your decor. You can start with a few dinosaur toys and add some dinosaur bedding and wall art. Or, you can go all out and transform the room into a Dino-themed playground with a slide, swings, and a giant sandbox. For example, if your child’s room is painted in blues and greens, go for a T-Rex bed set or some Jurassic Park wall art to tie the entire look together. No matter how you do it, incorporating dinosaurs into your child’s room is sure to create a space that they’ll love. And who knows, you might even find yourself wanting to play along!


A jungle-themed room is perfect for injecting adventure into your child’s bedroom. A jungle room can be stylish and playful with bold colors and fun patterns. And best of all, it’s easy to create a jungle-themed room on a budget. Wall decals are inexpensive to add color and interest to any room. Add a few accents in metallics or shimmery fabrics for a touch of luxury. But don’t forget the most important element of any jungle room: the plants! A few potted palms or ferns will give the room a wild feel. So go ahead and bring the jungle inside. For example, you can create palm-leaf wallpaper, use a fun mix of bright colors and fabrics, or even create a tropical wonderland with plants and animals.

Under the Sea

Kids love the under the sea! It’s a great theme for a kid’s room with all the colors and excitement. The best part about an under-the-sea theme is that it can be easily changed as your child grows. You can add new elements, like fish or coral, and take away ones that are no longer age appropriate. An under-the-sea theme is also relatively gender-neutral, making it a great choice for kids who want to share a room. And if you’re looking for kid-friendly furniture, there are plenty of options available in fun, sea-themed designs. Aqua rugs, bedding, and wall decals will take the theme to the next level! For example, you can create a cozy corner with an ocean-themed reading. So, if you’re looking for a kid’s room that will make you want to play, consider an under-the-sea theme. Its flexible design and cheerful colors are sure to please kids of all ages.


As any parent knows, choosing the right theme for a child’s bedroom can be tough. There are so many options available, and it can be hard to find one that will please both the child and the parent. Consider a princess-themed room if you’re looking for a timeless theme that will bring a smile to your child’s face. From pink walls and sparkly accessories to Cinderella-style beds and dress-up clothes, there are endless ways to bring the magic of Disney into your home. Plus, with a little imagination, you can easily turn your princess room into a fairytale castle in which your child will love to play. For example, what about a pirate-themed room? Not only will it encourage your little one to act out his or her favorite swashbuckling stories, but it also offers plenty of creative design options. Use the ship’s wheels, anchors, and heavy fabrics like a canvas to bring the nautical look home. With so many wonderful possibilities, it’s no wonder princesses are a popular choice for kid’s room themes.


A kid’s room is always a special place in the house. It’s where they sleep, play, and spend most of their time. So, why not make it extra special with a fairy tale theme? Decorate with storybook characters, hanging planets, and twinkling stars. Create a magical castle complete with a drawbridge, moat, and turrets. Or transform the space into an enchanted forest with trees, vines, and flowers. The possibilities are endless! And the most enjoyable part is that you can design a fairy tale room that will grow with your child. For example, you could start with a princess-themed room, then add new elements as your child ages. So, whether they’re five or fifteen, they’ll always feel like they’re in their little slice of heaven.


Creating a kid’s room with a special theme can be a fun and rewarding project. From whimsical fairy tales to inspiring outer space, there are so many themes to choose from! RugKnots has a great selection of kid room rugs that will make your dream space come true. You and your child can create a magical place to play and grow with these six themes. So go ahead, let the imaginative side of both of you run wild! Your little one deserves it! Designing and decorating the perfect kid’s room brings you joy and will become your child’s happy place for years. So, let your imagination run wild and create the amazing kid room you’ve always dreamed of! Enjoy!


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