8 Types Of Event Tickets And Why You Should Use Them

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Hosting an event is a crucial process and ticketing and registration is the important part of any event planning. Just like you have to decide the kind of event you want to host, the platform that you need, or whether you want to take your event online or offline you will have to decide the types of tickets that you want to offer for your event, offline or online event registration and ticketing and the event ticketing platform that you want for your ticketing process. Tickets are a huge part of your event. In this blog, we will be exploring 8 different types of tickets for events and why you should use them.

8 Different Types Of Event Tickets

Here are 8 popular types of event tickets that you should consider for your event:

1. Early Bird Tickets

First, we have early bird tickets. These are the common types of tickets that most event organizers offer for event ticketing. Early bird tickets offer some discount to the people who book tickets earlier than others and they are usually available for a short period. The idea behind early bird tickets is to create FOMO among the audience so that they buy tickets early rather than waiting for the last moment. It is a great option for marketing your tickets.

2. VIP Tickets

The next type of ticket that you can offer to your attendees is a VIP ticket. VIP tickets are usually priced more than other common types of tickets. These tickets are great for attracting an audience that is ready to pay more. With VIP tickets you offer a more enhanced experience to your attendees as you are charging them more than other event attendees.

VIP tickets come with extra services for instance they can have a separate entrance, premium seating, or meet and greet with the speakers of the event, etc.

3. Group Tickets

The next ticket that you can offer at your event is a group ticket. If you are hosting a huge event and you need a large number of attendees for your event you can offer group tickets. The discount on buying more tickets in the group can be beneficial for both attendees and event organizers. You should offer a group package at some discount so that you can attract a larger audience at your event. You can create a discount package for group tickets according to the number of participants.

4. One-Day Or Multi-Day Pass

If your event is taking place for a whole day or more than one day you can offer a one-day or multi-day pass to your event attendees. If you are hosting an in-person event your audience might not be able to attend your event for all days. For instance, you are hosting an event that is for 5 days so not everyone can attend the whole event especially if they need to travel. In that case, you can offer a one-day pass. But that’s not it, you should also offer a multi-day pass because there might be attendees who want to attend the whole event. Offer multi-day passes at a discount.

5. Reserved Tickets

Next, we have reserved tickets, these types of tickets are for those who want to attend the event by sitting closer to the stage. Usually, these kinds of tickets are expensive. Most of the event registration apps offer this QR Code For Event Registration And Ticketing feature and you can add a floor plan of your venue so that your attendees know how closely they will be sitting while reserving their tickets.

6. Pay What You Can

Pay what you can is the type of ticket that is usually offered by fundraising events, or events hosted by nonprofits. These tickets are like donations and attendees can pay whatever they can for attending the event. If you want you can set the minimum price of the ticket.

7. Discount Tickets

The next type of ticket that you can offer for your event is discounted tickets. For selling more tickets this can be the perfect marketing tool. You can offer your attendees some coupons or discount codes so that they can get tickets at a discounted price. You can offer a discount code to your loyal audience and they will feel appreciated.

8. Giveaway Tickets

The next tickets we have for events are giveaway tickets. These tickets are free; you offer your audience tickets for free as a giveaway. You can host a special media contest or any other contest to market your event and as a reward, you can offer your audience free tickets.

Why Should You Have Different Tickets For Your Events?

Here is why you should be offering different tickets for your events:

1. Increased revenue

Using different types of tickets can help increase revenue for the event. For instance, offering VIP tickets at a premium price can help generate additional income. This is because some people may be willing to pay more for a better experience and more access to the event.

2. Better Customer Experience

Different types of tickets can also lead to a better customer experience. For example, offering early-bird tickets can incentivize people to purchase tickets in advance, ensuring a smoother and more organized experience at the event.

3. Better Data Collection And Analysis

Using different types of tickets can help event organizers collect and analyze data more effectively. By tracking the sales of different types of tickets, organizers can gain insights into the preferences of their audience, which can be used to improve future events.

4. Better Event Management

Most event organizers use different types of tickets to improve event management. For example, VIP tickets can be used to give priority access to certain areas, such as the VIP lounge, or to provide special perks such as meet-and-greet opportunities with the performers.

The Bottom Line

Event registration and event ticketing are a huge part of any event and by offering more tickets you will be able to attract a larger audience. Because not every individual can pay the same amount for the tickets. So make sure when you are using a ticketing or event registration system it should allow you to offer different tickets and prices.

If you are looking for an event ticketing or registration platform that can allow you to offer different tickets, and lets you customize the process of registration and ticketing you should choose Dreamcast.

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