8 Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

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Buying a car is a dream that everyone wants to come true in life. However, buying a car comes with some responsibilities. After all, it is a machine that can malfunction if not handled with care. The car needs maintenance and service to stay in good shape. The most important part of car maintenance is monitoring the car oil.

The car oil monitors the smooth car performance by removing any dirt or dust that builds up in the engine because of use. It is like blood for an engine. Furthermore, every machine works on the engine, and the car is not so different. Having said that, car oil lubricates the engine to work properly. It is so because a car engine works by its components constantly moving and rubbing together, which causes friction and heat as a result. Car oil prevents overheating.

Having said that, the oil must be in good condition to fulfil this task. That is why getting car oil change services is essential when required for better car performance, but how to spot the signs that a car needs an oil change? Let’s discuss the symptoms that show a car needs an oil change.

  1. Dark oil

If you have noticed, the brand-new oil has a light amber colour. However, with excessive use of the engine, the residue starts building up in the engine, which makes the oil dirty, and it appears to be much darker in colour -almost black. If you notice that the car oil is dark in colour, be aware that the oil needs to be changed. You can simply check the engine oil by checking the dipstick or wiping the end with a towel for clear results.

  1. Weird noises

As mentioned above, car oil lubricates the engine to work properly. However, if you use old oil, it gets dirtier and thicker, which hampers the proper lubrication of engine components. As a result, the car engine makes weird noises when metals are rubbing together. If you delay the oil change, it can cause other issues. That is why it is recommended to change the car oil after 5000 miles or as per the instructions given in the car manual.

  1. Nasty smell

If you are a new driver, you may not have any idea that the burnt oil smell comes from the engine, or you may simply ignore it. That smell is a sign that your car needs an oil change. There may be two reasons for that smell. Either the car oil is leaking and dripping on the car engine, or the engine is overheating due to lack of oil. In both cases, detect the leakage or change the oil to fix the issue.

  1. Poor gas mileage

Another sign that your car needs an oil change is poor fuel economy. If you notice that your car doesn’t have the gas mileage that it used to have, it means that the oil needs to change. It is so because the old oil will become thick after some time and cause resistance in the car’s moving parts. As a result, the engine works harder and requires more fuel. By simply changing the oil, you can restore the better working condition of the car and better mileage.

  1. Dashboard lights

Today, cars have some sensors and computers that detect the problem and alert people beforehand. There are various lights on the car dashboard. So, if you notice an indicator light, it means there is some problem. So, refer to your car manual to identify the problem occurring and solve it. The soon engine change line indicates that it’s been a lot of time since the last oil change, and it now needs to be changed for proper functioning.

  1. Hesitation starting the engine

Old oil can make it difficult to start a car. When starting, the engine will try to push away the slow oil to spin and start. That is why it is important that car engines always have fresh and new oil for the engine to work properly.

  1. Overheating

Not having enough oil or not changing it for quite some time can create overheating in the engine due to lack of lubrication. Furthermore, driving for a long time can also cause overheating as the car doesn’t get a chance to cool down, and cause wear and tear in the tyres as well. So, changing the oil, giving rest, and maintenance of all car parts are important for it to work properly. Get your car checked by an oil and tyre change shop in Dubai or around you to maintain the top position of the car.

In all, changing the oil at regular intervals is important for better car performance. So, get your car checked if you notice any of the aforementioned signs to prevent bigger issues from happening.

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