5 Best Examples Of Google Gravity Tricks: Let’s Check Out

Best Examples of Google Gravity Tricks

Let’s do some fun activities with Google. Here we find five  Google gravity tricks to make some fun. Google is the top known search engine that is popular among the world due to its service, connectivity, and well-built technology. Lets find out about  Best Examples of Google Gravity Tricks.

Google always surprises us with their new and unique technology. Every day billions of users are active on Google for different purposes. When we are looking for something, we come to Google to get the information. What about some fun things we can do with Google? 

It is going to be really interesting as well as fun. Suppose you are traveling on a bus for a long time, and want to do some enjoyable things, you can apply these five best examples of Google gravity tricks.

Best Google Gravity Tricks

These tricks are really enjoyable and funny. Every user can do this at any time, only make sure you turn on your mobile or PC internet connection. We are always looking for such fun thighs that we can do with AI or technology. Here are the best examples of Google gravity tricks.

In this case, Google provides this space where you can do some amusing things to spend some time.  Let’s explore them. 

  • Google Gravity

The name of this trick refers to the “zero gravity” concept. The most popular trick that Google presents to their users. To perform this most popular Google trick, you need to follow a few steps only. 

  • Visit “Google“ on your mobile phone or PC. 
  • Go to the search box, type “Google Gravity”.
  • You will see Google gravity feeling lucky (I’m Feeling Lucky), click it to follow,  instead of “Google Search”.
  • Now you are on the “Google Gravity” page. 

Now, see the fun things on your mobile or Laptop screen. You can use your mouse to play with it. You can move every broken brick with your mouse. 

This is called Google Gravity tricks. It seems visually enjoyable. Many users do not know about these tricks. They might miss this funny matter. However, note that once it has been pulled out, the search bar will be unable to be used. 

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  1. Google Space

This trick is the slow version of the Google gravity trick. You will see every element fall in slow motion. The visual effect will make you feel that everything is breaking down in front of your eyes. 

The interesting part of this google trick is that you can play with each brick by shuffling it everywhere on your screen. It will be funnier than others. 

  • As usual, you need to open Google
  • Now, type  “Google Anti-Gravity”.
  • Follow the same process of Google gravity trick. Now, you will see the Google search bar floating on the screen. 
  1. Google Zero Gravity

 You may ask, it looks like a “Google Gravity Trick”. Well, it looks like Google gravity but the difference is that all the elements of the Google screen will display as a mirror version. 

In Google gravity, the fact is the same but their mirror version is not available. Once you have done Google gravity tricks, then try this trick. 

  • First enter into Google
  • Go to the Google search bar and type Google Zero gravity. 
  • Click on “I’m feeling lucky” , and avoid “Google search”. 

Now, you will notice the interface like Google gravity tricks and all the elements in a mirror version. Just click on the server, and every element along with the search bar will fall down like there is no gravity. 

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  1. Google Underwater

It seems that Google is underwater. Every trick has visual effects that look fun. This Google gravity trick puts the search bar under the water, sharks, and fishes are there. You will see the search bar floating under the water. 

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  1. Simply you can visit the “Google Underwater”page. Otherwise you can follow the best step-
  • First open the “Google” application . 
  • Go to the search box and type simply “Google Underwater”
  • Next you need to click “I’m feeling Lucky”. 

Now, you will see full of water on your screen where sharks, dolphins, whales, and fish are there. At the top of the screen, you will see a mirror version of Google, above the search bar. 

When you click on the search bar, the search bar is pulled down under the water and floats under the water. You can click on different areas on the screen. Plus, you will be able to create waves. This is the most enjoyable thing in this Google trick. 

  1. Google Sphere

If you ask us which is the best Google gravity trick, then we would say that Google sphere is the amazing Google trick. Its visual effect is amazing. The best examples of Google gravity tricks.

Google logo and other elements are taking part in this trick. You will see the Google logo is placed in the middle, and eerie elements revolve around the Google logo.

  • First  enter into Google. 
  • Type “Google Sphere” on the search bar.
  • Click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”, instead of “Google Search”.
  • Enjoy the search elements revolve around the Google logo.

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Final Words

These are the 5 best Google gravity tricks that you must do at once. You will definitely enjoy them. However, there are many gravity trucks in the Google search engine. Here we only enlisted 5 tricks, if you want more, you can visit our website. 

In case you have already used an interesting tick, do share with us in the comment section.

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