Hart of Dixie Season 5: TV Show Review

The series debuted in 2013 to great critical acclaim, but a small audience. The network ordered only 13 episodes for Season 1 and another 13 for Season 2. However, both seasons proved so successful that they were given an additional six episodes for Season 3 in order to wrap things up as well as leave the door open for a potential spinoff or a crossover between Dixie and her home state of New York. After this summer’s Crossover Event with New York’s own Ruby Rose’s OOPS! and Rachel Bloom’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, there is even more speculation about what could happen next. This week we got news that Rachel Green has been cast in the reboot of Roseanne and will join the show sometime after mid-season break in March 2019. With that in mind, let’s take a look at Hart of Dixie Season 5: Episode 9 “The Last Waltz.”

Why Hart of Dixie Season 5 Needs To Happen Immediately

If you’ve been following the news about the CW’s Hart of Dixie reboot, you’ll notice that its release date has been pushed back several times. The pilot was supposed to be released in Spring 2018, but has since been pushed back to Summer 2019, then Fall 2019 Fall 2020, and now, sometime in January 2021. Despite strong reviews, strong buzz, and very positive scores, the ratings haven’t been encouraging. The Hart of Dixie reboot hasn’t even managed to break the Top 100 in any of the key demographics. Despite a strong cast and a strong premise, the show doesn’t seem to be connecting with audiences. With shows like Supergirl and Arrow dominating the network’s Tuesday night line-up and The Flash, Supernatural, and Riverdale taking up the rest, there’s little room for a new series to break through. The CW needs a hit. The Hart of Dixie reboot could be it.

Sophia and Wade’s Wedding

Sophia (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) are getting married! They’ve hit a major milestone in their relationship, and we’ve hit a major milestone in our need to see them have the big, romantic wedding we know they deserve. This is a big moment. Why did it have to be delayed? The Hart of Dixie reboot has been delayed several times, yet Rachel and Candice are in Perpetual Spin-Off Promo mode. Something must be up.

What Happened In Hart Of Dixie Season 5

Well, the good news is that Sophia and Wade are getting hitched. The bad news is that the outbreak of the Bluebell Virus threatens the entire town. Luckily, Zoe (Rachel Boston) comes up with a cure, but it’s not without a cost. In order to save the town, Sophia is forced to take a risky step that could put her life on the line. And, of course, the reunion show features a reunion of sorts as Zoe, Wade, and St. John (Ryan Pauler) come together after almost two years apart.

What Happens in Vegas…

The gang is back in Vegas! We saw Lola (Jaime King) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) get engaged at the end of Hart of Dixie Season 4 and now they’re getting married in Sin City. Of course, Zoe (Rachel Boston) is the maid of honor, and gives us our first glimpse of her wedding dress. The double wedding also gives us our first glimpse of the newly-minted Zoe/Wade/St. John trio as we see them navigating a Strip hotel with all of their relationship baggage. Wade and Zoe have been gone for months, and St. John is still trying to find his footing in this new trio. Wade and Zoe met the love of their lives, but St. John is still trying to figure out who he is. What will happen when the three of them are in a room together for the first time as a married couple?

Episode 9: The Final Season for Hart of Dixie?

The CW announced earlier this year that they were seeking a new home for the show. After being dropped by the network, several outlets reported that it was ending after Season 5 in order to be more “relatable” to modern audiences. Nevertheless, in the final episode of Season 5, Wade tells Zoe that he’s ready to start a family. Is this the final season or will the show get another season of life?

Hart of Dixie Season 5 Episode 10: “The One Where Rachel Runs”

After finally tying the knot, Sophia (Rachel Bilson) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) are quickly getting ready for their honeymoon. Unfortunately, their trip to the Isle of Palms is interrupted by a tropical storm called Palmetto. With the Island in danger from the storm, Zoe (Rachel Boston) comes up with a plan to save the town. Unfortunately, the plan could put Zoe’s life in danger. Meanwhile, Wade and Lola (Jaime King) discover that their new hotel has a casino attached to it. Will they be playing the slots or will they be saving the Island?

Hart of Dixie Discussion Points

– What will happen with Wade and Lola? How will they deal with the Palmetto storm? – She Will Sophia be able to make it back to the Island before the storm hits? – Will Zoe find the courage to save the Island from the Palmetto? – Will she Zoe finally confess her feelings for Wade? – How will Zoe adjust to life as a married woman? – Who will Zoe call for comfort and support? – What about Zoe’s Dad? – Who is Zoe’s new best friend? – Will Zoe find a new job after the Island is saved? – Who will be the new sheriff in Hart of Dixie? – Which townie is ready to move on with their lives? – How will these new townies adjust to life in West Jefferson? – How will Zoe adjust to life as a married woman?

Final Words:

As the storm rages on, the honeymooners get ready to take one last trip to the Isle of Palms on their honeymoon. However, they quickly discover that the trip is going to be delayed due to the impending Palmetto storm.

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