10 Ugly Cartoon Characters Who Are Actually Adorable

Who among us hasn’t cringed at seeing some of the ugliest characters in cartoons? We can thank their creators for giving them misshapen features, lumpy skin, and buck teeth. It doesn’t stop there though. There are so many other annoying factors that make them less than ideal to look at. However, these anime and comic book characters have been drawn with such love and care that we can’t help but fall in love with them. Even if they look like something off a horror movie poster instead of an animated series character… Here are 10 ugly cartoon characters who are actually adorable


Long before Anime became a worldwide phenomenon, The series was well received in the country, with one newspaper dubbing it “the Japanese Walt Disney.” In the story, a little girl named Chiyo is struck by a strange illness which leaves her petite yet with big, bulging eyes. These eyes are so prominent that her freckles become almost invisible, and Chiyo also has bags under her eyes as well. She named the cat “Chii,” and the two have been inseparable ever since. Many Japanese people with a pet cat have known, cleaning, and medicine. The manga is still ongoing, and its popularity has expanded beyond Japan. It has also been translated into many languages, including English in its original form.

Edd and Eddy

These two characters were friends as boys, but then as adults they became rivals. Edd is the more intelligent of the two, while Eddy is the one more interested in sports and cars. As they grow older,through their friendship they bring the whole town together. In the original cartoon, they went through many transformations, and even as adults they still prefer to do things like slam doors on their heads, bite their pencils, and take naps wherever they are  especially Eddy, who always has his arm around his trigger-happy brother. There is also a third character in the series who is often forgotten: their younger brother, Roddys. Roddys is the baby of the family, and he is often confused for a teddy bear. While Edd and Eddy are always trying to prove themselves as worthy of being Brians, Roddys is the one who would rather just be a teddy bear.

Marceline the Vampire Queen

Marceline the Vampire Queen is a comic book character who debuted in the 90s but she had a soft spot for those who survived a brush with the undead. Though vampires are generally depicted as Goth stereotypes, they have a long history as powerful beings who take human form as a way to live among humans while using their powers to protect them as well. Marceline was a punk rocker and a rock star, and she had some fun hairstyles and costumes. Though the comics are aimed at a teenage male audience. The comics have been collected into books and have been turned into an animated series, which has now been off the air for several years but is still accessible online.

The Cast of Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is an animated series that is one of the most ugly cartoon characters popular on television. It follows the adventures of Rick, a genius who drinks a super-charged, alcoholic version of the soft drink “Rickelaid,” and his grandson, Morty, who is only a few years older than a typical 10-year-old. Rick and Morty do not follow a typical sitcom formula, as the storyline often takes unexpected turns, and it is not afraid to be gross. In the first episode of the series, Rick and Morty have their DNA spliced with that of an irradiated alien, and they spend the rest of the episode trying to get it out of their bodies, while his parents and everyone else on Earth are wiped out. The show is currently in the midst of its fourth season, but it is likely to continue for many more years.

Tom and Jerry

ugly cartoon characters Tom and Jerry, who debuted in 1940, are probably the most famous animated rivals of all time. They are rivals in everything: food, toys, and, most important, wives. Tom, the cat, considers Jerry, the mouse, to be his competition for his human’s affection, and Jerry does the same for Tom. Animations of Tom and Jerry are so well-known that many people are unaware of the backstory. As their fame grew, they were often used in commercials and children’s television series, but they also had their own cartoon shows. Tom and Jerry cartoons have often been criticized for being violent, but the creators of the show have consistently defended their work as harmless. Just like human siblings, Tom and Jerry do not always get along. Most of the time, however, they end up saving the day.

Spongebob Squarepants

The Bikini Bottom residents of Spongebob Squarepants are a bunch of silly sea creatures who live underwater. where Spongebob and his friends always end up taking part in some sort of silly or outrageous activity.Spongebob is the leader of the group, and he is always encouraging others to try new things. Even though he is a Sponge, he is not afraid to try new things himself. Spongebob is goofy, kind, and always willing to do whatever it takes to help the people in his town. He has a pet snail named Gary who is always encouraging him to eat healthier food. Spongebob is an everyday hero who makes us all smile, and he has been on television for over a decade. While some shows are cancelled after just a year or two, Spongebob Squarepants has been renewed for three more seasons.


Animations are a great way to tell stories, but in order to succeed, the characters need to be well-designed. They also need to be relatable, and the best way to ensure that is to make them as close to reality as possible. For example, there are many ugly cartoon characters who are actually adorable. They may have strange features, but they are still human and relatable in some way. There are also many beautiful cartoon characters who are not perfect, and they do not need to be. They are still interesting and challenging to look at.

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